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Evidence By Means Of A Web Site
The Supreme Administrative Court has recently dealt with the producing of evidence by means of a web site. In the case concerned, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority imposed a penalty ...
Czech Republic
5 Feb 2018
The Most Important Changes In Czech Law For Entrepreneurs In 2018
From 2018, the statutory pre-emptive right of co-owners to immovable property will be valid once again.
Czech Republic
18 Jan 2018
T-Mobile Fined For Not Protecting Clients' Data
When imposing a fine, the Office took into account that T-Mobile subsequently undertook rules protecting the clients' personal data.
Czech Republic
27 Sep 2016
The result is that none of the surveyed entities operates wifi-tracking and the majority does not consider its usage in the near future.
Czech Republic
27 Sep 2016
T-Mobile Disclosed Price List For Electronic Records Of Sales
All operators aim to target mostly small business owners who wish to fulfill their EET obligations with the lowest possible costs.
Czech Republic
27 Sep 2016
Broadcasting Rights For UEFA Champions League Only For O2 TV And Czech TV
UPC filed a constitutional complaint against the preliminary injunction but was not successful.
Czech Republic
27 Sep 2016
Czech Telecommunication Office Fines O2 CZ
Czech regulator CTU imposed a fine of EUR 166,500 on the operator O2 Czech Republic for unfair business practices in connection with the activation of an automatic renewal service for data packages...
Czech Republic
27 Sep 2016
Czech Republic Passes Restrictive Online Gambling Rules
A new Gambling Act was adopted in the Czech Republic establishing a licensed online gaming framework.
Czech Republic
27 Sep 2016
Crowdfunding - Introduction To Regulatory Framework
Crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular method of financing in recent years. While this method of raising funds from the wider public creates a lot of new investment opportunities, there are also risks associated with it.
Czech Republic
22 Mar 2016
International Taxation Of Athletes
As the status of professional athletes is not regulated under Czech law, there is a need for legal interpretation on this matter.
Czech Republic
11 Nov 2015
Big Data, Big Deal?
A discussion on the protection of privacy and database copyright related to the processing of Big Data.
Czech Republic
30 Sep 2013
Is Gambling Law about to liberalise in the Czech Republic?
Last year, the Czech Government ("Government") approved a new gambling regulation.
Czech Republic
16 Jul 2013
Authenticity Of Certain Electronic Documents To Expire On 22 June 2012
The electronic mailbox system introduced in 2009 has primarily been used by state authorities and courts to communicate with businesses.
Czech Republic
29 Jun 2012
Czech Telecommunication Office Presented Its Goals For 2012
On 18 January 2012 the Czech Telecommunication Office (CTO) announced its goals for 2012 previously approved by its Council.
Czech Republic
30 Jan 2012
New Rules on Product Placement
New laws to allow product placement and regulate ‘on demand’ audiovisual media services have been passed in the Chamber of Deputies.
Czech Republic
13 Apr 2010
New Criminal Regulation of Cybercrime in the Czech Republic
The Czech Republic has a new law heralding significant change in the punishment of cybercrime.
Czech Republic
19 Mar 2010
Access To Company Electronic Data Boxes
All companies registered in the Czech Republic have now been given their own electronic data boxes for sending and receiving electronic communications with public authorities
Czech Republic
29 Sep 2009
New Data Retention Rules For Telecoms Operators
From 1 September 2008, data on unsuccessful call attempts must be retained by telecoms operators for between six months and one year, and then destroyed at the end of the data retention period.
Czech Republic
23 Jul 2008
Online Pharmaceutical Sales
New laws have come into force regulating internet sales of non-prescription pharmaceuticals and introducing a new central database for the distribution of electronic prescriptions.
Czech Republic
9 Jul 2008
Electronic Payment Orders Introduced
From 1 July 2008, electronic payment orders will be introduced for claims up to CZK 1,000,000 (c. €40,000).
Czech Republic
11 Jun 2008
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