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Court Of Justice Of The EU Rules On Copyright Implications Of Sampling In Music
On 29 July 2019, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled on the copyright implications of sampling in music and established criteria as to when sampling falls within the scope of artistic freedom.
European Union
6 Sep 2019
European Parliament Approves New Copyright Rules For The Internet, Including So-Called ‘Link Tax' And ‘Upload Filters'
On 26 March 2019, following a lengthy process, the European Parliament has given final approval to the Copyright Directive, aimed at the modernization of the EU copyright regime.
European Union
8 Apr 2019
German Federal Court Of Justice Confirms Copyright In Photographs Of Public Domain Paintings
On 20 December 2018, the German Federal Court of Justice confirmed that photographs of public domain paintings ‎are, in principle, protected by a copyright-related right in section 72 of the German Copyright Act (Case No. I ZR 104/17).
2 Apr 2019
First Decision Applying The GDPR Issued By The Regional Court Of Bonn
On 29 May 2018, only five days after the GDPR became applicable, the Regional Court of Bonn issued the first ruling applying the GDPR in Europe.
21 Jun 2018
‘Pokémon GO' And Privacy Issues
This app in particular and augmented reality in general pose many legal questions, especially, in the field of privacy law.
16 Nov 2016
Office-Hotel Conversions Increase
The German hotel investment market remains strong with a lack of high quality assets available for sale. This trend is likely to continue
18 Oct 2016
Court Of Justice Of The EU: The Posting Of A Hyperlink Can Infringe Copyright If Done For Financial Gain
On 8 September 2016 (C-160/15), the CJEU ruled that the posting of a hyperlink to copyright-protected works located on another website does not constitute copyright infringement when the link poster does not seek financial gain.
European Union
30 Sep 2016
The Brazilian Olympics And Intellectual Property
Germany, as another example, also put some special legislation into place.
15 Aug 2016
Wikimedia Loses Copyright Case Over Photographs Of Public Domain Paintings
In October 2015, the Reiss Engelhorn Museum filed a lawsuit in the Regional Court of Berlin against the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Germany.
11 Jul 2016
German Federal Constitutional Court: The Use of Samples in Music May Justify Interference with Copyrights (and Copyright-Related Rights)
In 2013, several artists and music production companies filed a constitutional complaint with the German Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht, BVerfG) against two Federal Court of Justice that held that the sampling of a two-second sequence of rhythms was not admissible under the German Copyright Act (UrhG).
8 Jun 2016
Cable TV Network Has Show Spoilers Removed from Video-Sharing Web Site —Are Plot Elements Copyrightable?
A Spanish man using the pseudonym "Frikidoctor" has been posting videos to a major video-sharing web site that detail the events of several upcoming episodes of a popular medieval fantasy TV series ..
1 Jun 2016
Screenshotting In Snapchat – Copyright Law Concerns
Snapchat, the fast-growing social media network/messaging app, has spawned some controversy over how copyright law is interpreted in the United Kingdom.
3 May 2016
German Federal Cartel Office: "No Single Buyer" for Football Broadcast Rights
On 11 April 2016, the German Federal Cartel Office (FCO) announced that the German League Association (Ligaverband) and the German Football League (Deutsche Fußball Liga, DFL) have committed that no single pay-TV buyer can win exclusive live broadcasting rights to Bundesliga league games ...
21 Apr 2016
Amazon Wants To Patent "Pay by Selfie" Technology
On 19 October 2015, Amazon filed a patent application for a process that would allow its customers to authenticate purchases with a selfie-photograph rather than a password.
1 Apr 2016
Email And Internet In The Workplace—Guidelines From The German Data Protection Conference
The conference of the independent federal and state data protection authorities in Germany has published guidelines for employers on the limits of control of email and other Internet services in the workplace on January 27, 2016.
11 Mar 2016
German Museum Sues Wikimedia Over Uploading Photographs of Public Domain Paintings
In October 2015, the Reiss Engelhorn Museum in Mannheim, Germany, filed a lawsuit against the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Germany before the Regional Court of Berlin.
10 Dec 2015
The Copyright Holder's Exclusive Right To Distribute Its Work To The Public Includes The Right To Advertise The Original Or Any Copy Of That Work
It is sufficient that the advertisement invites consumers in Germany in which that work enjoys copyright protection to purchase it.
20 Nov 2015
German Condom Manufacturer Runs Into Legal Trouble Over Its Multiple Orgasm Packaging
On 26 November 2015, the Regional Court of Düsseldorf (14c O 124/15) ruled that a marketer's claim that its condoms corresponded to up to three orgasms each was "deceptive" and could tempt people to use the condoms several times.
10 Nov 2015
Food Plating And Copyright – Can Instagramming Your Meal Be Construed As Copyright Infringement?
Taking pictures of food and sharing them online through social media has become a new cultural phenomenon.
11 Sep 2015
Live-Streaming Apps and Sporting Events – Copyright Law Concerns
The right to televise sporting events is one of the most valuable commodities in the broadcasting sector.
27 Aug 2015
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