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Media law in New Zealand – insights for 2019
This changing media landscape covers social media, entertainment, advertising, broadcasting, digital and analogue media.
New Zealand
14 Mar 2019
Defamation risk raised for publishers?
The embedding of the public interest defence to defamation claims may have raised the bar for publishers to defend.
New Zealand
14 Mar 2019
WTO determines tobacco plain packaging challenge
Australia's decision to control packaging of tobacco products has survived a challenge to the World Trade Organisation.
New Zealand
16 Jul 2018
Compliance with the new China Cybersecurity law may pose problems
The scope of the China Cybersecurity Law is vague, which raises questions about the future of trade in the digital age.
New Zealand
22 Jun 2017
#ASIC #IPOs #Marketing #Social Media
ASIC has reviewed marketing practices around IPOs, with a particular focus on the emerging use of social media.
New Zealand
27 Oct 2016
The Reserve Bank view on digital disruption in the banking sector
The Reserve Bank considers how new technology is disrupting traditional methods of making payments and borrowing money.
New Zealand
5 Jul 2016
Commerce Commission test drives new unfair contract terms regime
The telecommunications contract review is a first look at the implementation approach to the unfair contract terms regime.
New Zealand
29 Feb 2016
Supreme Court allows limited protection of digital data
The judgment does not enhance property interests, but it increases the risks if improperly dealing with electronic data.
New Zealand
23 Oct 2015
EU Art 29 Working Group releases report on website cookie usage
The report is based on a survey of 478 popular European websites.
New Zealand
22 Mar 2015
Match-fixing bill - Select Committee removes a potential loophole
The bill will make it clear that any sporting manipulation, with the intent to influence a betting outcome, is a crime.
New Zealand
14 Nov 2014
Court of Appeal carpet decision puts acid on advertisers
Suppliers cannot rely on the fine print to correct, limit or qualify headline claims in warranties or advertisements.
New Zealand
17 Sep 2014
Copyright law and computer software – retreating from the trivial?
Beyond source and object code, it will be difficult to rely on copyright law to prevent unlicensed copying of software.
New Zealand
4 Sep 2014
Welcome to the frontier - first New Zealand crowd funders now open for business
This Financial Markets Authority announcement has put NZ at the forefront of a worldwide equity crowd funding movement.
New Zealand
8 Aug 2014
So you think you own your electronic data, do you? Think again
This issue discusses the protection and remedies available to an innocent party against the misuse of electronic data.
New Zealand
27 Jul 2014
Because match-fixing just ain't cricket
Match-fixing to influence a betting outcome - rather than for tactical sporting reasons - is a crime in New Zealand.
New Zealand
12 May 2014
Hyperlinks do not infringe copyright – European Court of Justice
Hyperlinking to a website containing copyrighted material is not an infringement of copyright, according to an ECJ case.
New Zealand
1 Mar 2014
Comparative advertising - clear rules apply
Market participants have been warned that comparative advertising must meet certain standards - regulators are watching.
New Zealand
17 Oct 2013
Crowd funding and peer-to-peer lending
What is crowd funding and peer-to-peer lending?
New Zealand
6 Aug 2013
Liability for ad content on Google stays with advertiser
The HCA ruled - Google is not liable for misleading advertisements or manipulated links; the originator of the link is.
New Zealand
14 Feb 2013
?.nz - more choice coming in domain names
The Domain Name Commission proposes to extend the ".nz" domain name by allowing registrations at the "second level".
New Zealand
26 Jul 2012
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