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Regulators Give Evidence On IT And Systems Failures
Representatives of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and the Bank of England recently gave evidence to the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee in relation to IT failures in...
13 Aug 2019
AdTech: Top Five Legal Issues To Consider
The term AdTech refers to a combination of advertising technologies - mainly available on the Internet
22 May 2019
Quantum Computing
Quantum computers are no longer in the realms of science fiction. But how are they different from classical computers?
17 Apr 2019
Obligatory UBO Registration Delayed Yet Again
The Belgian Minister of Finance, Alexander De Croo, announced that the deadline for the obligatory registration of Belgian entities in the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO)
22 Feb 2019
Non-Personal Data Regulation, AI And The Data Economy: An Italian Perspective
After the final vote of the Council of the European Union earlier in November, the legislative process for the adoption of an EU Regulation on the free flow of non-personal data has finally come to an end.
14 Dec 2018
AI And Drones, A Love Affair (Part I)
Drones' universe is one of the most explosive industries on a global scale. Today's drones are utilized for a number of different purposes, ranging from military to commercial usage.
7 Dec 2018
Key Regulatory Developments In Luxembourg - November 2018
Comparison website concerning the fees related to payment accounts made operational by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)
30 Nov 2018
Employment Alert – October 2018
In the era of society's digitalization and uberization, you are solicited by an increasing number of digital platforms offering services allowing to contact various independent workers
17 Oct 2018
Key Regulatory Developments in Germany - August 24, 2018
The BaFin warns against entering into transactions, particularly involving CFDs (Contracts for Difference),
31 Aug 2018
New Cloud Computing And IT Outsourcing Requirements In The Financial Sector
On 17 May, 2017 the Luxembourg Financial Regulator (CSSF) published four new circulars concerning cloud computing and IT outsourcing.
20 Jun 2017
President Signs Law Charging VAT On Services Provided Via The Internet
On 3 July 2016 the President of the Russian Federation signed Federal Law No. 244-FZ on Amendments to Parts One and Two of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation...
Russian Federation
14 Jul 2016
Digital Single Market Update - European Commission Releases Proposal For Updated Audiovisual Media Services Directive Along With Four Other Announcements
The signs are that things are about to change, especially if events of 25 May 2016 are anything to go by.
European Union
4 Jul 2016
Digital Single Market Update – Revised Cross-Border Portability Of Online Content Services Proposal Leaked
In December 2015 we published a briefing on the European Commission's proposal and draft Regulation on ensuring the cross-border portability of online content services in the EU.
European Union
25 May 2016
Interesting Court Decisions In 2015 In The Fields Of IP, IT And Mass Communications: Dentons' Takeaway
Among the many interesting court decisions adopted in 2015 in the areas of intellectual property rights, information technologies and mass media regulation...
Russian Federation
1 Apr 2016
Key Bodies Weigh In On The European Digital Single Market Strategy
Many in the media industry will be aware of the European Commission's Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe, published in May last year.
European Union
10 Mar 2016
Can Brands Impose Restrictions On Key Word Advertising And Online Platforms?
Many retailers are faced with the question if and how they can restrict the ability of their re-sellers to purchase keywords in order to advertise and sell products online.
1 Mar 2016
Blanket Surveillance Act
February 7, 2016 was the effective date for the Act of January 15, 2016 on Amendments to the Police Act and Certain Other Acts, generally known as the "Blanket Surveillance Act".
24 Feb 2016
UK Media Developments And Predictions For 2016
2015 was an interesting year in the UK media industry and we are already well into the first quarter of what is expected to be a very fascinating and busy 2016.
27 Jan 2016
Equal Online Access For All? Net Neutrality Enshrined In The EU
The European Parliament recently adopted a new regulation on mobile roaming and the open internet (the Regulation) which comes into effect on 30 April 2016.
European Union
24 Dec 2015
Q&A On The Proposed Regulation On Cross-Border Portability Of Content And Its Application To Your Company
The EC has presented its proposal and draft regulation on ensuring the cross-border portability of online content services in the EU.
European Union
17 Dec 2015
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