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Seyfarth's ADA Statistics Referenced In HR Dive
Seyfarth's ADA statistics were referenced in an October 1 story from HR Dive, "Most Fortune 100 career sites fail to meet accessibility standards."
United States
10 Oct 2019
2019 NAMVBC Fall Workshop Features Panels On Internet Vehicle Sales And Dealer License Fraud
The National Association of Motor Vehicle Boards and Commissions ("NAMVBC") held its annual fall workshop from September 19-21, 2019 in Sacramento, California.
United States
30 Sep 2019
California Court Of Appeal's Midvale Decision Opens The Floodgates For More Website Accessibility Lawsuits
Seyfarth synopsis: California Court of Appeal affirms ruling that inaccessible restaurant website violated the Unruh Act
United States
13 Sep 2019
New York Lawmakers Plan To Address Website Accessibility
A Committee in the New York State Senate aims to develop a legal standard for the accessibility of business websites under New York law, in response to the exponential increase in website accessibility litigation in the state.
United States
30 May 2019
Domino's To Ask Supreme Court To Consider Whether Ada Website/Mobile App Accessibility Lawsuits Violate Due Process
As we reported, the Ninth Circuit held in January that a blind plaintiff could move forward with his ADA Title III lawsuit against Domino's Pizza for having an allegedly inaccessible website
United States
2 Apr 2019
Number Of Federal Website Accessibility Lawsuits Nearly Triple, Exceeding 2250 In 2018
As we had predicted, the number of website accessibility lawsuits (i.e. lawsuits alleging that plaintiffs with a disability could not use websites because they were not coded to work with assistive technologies.
United States
7 Feb 2019
Ninth Circuit Allow The Robles v. Domino's Website And Mobile App Accessibility Lawsuit To Move Forward
Seyfarth Synopsis: Ninth Circuit overturns district court's dismissal of website accessibility lawsuit on due process and primary jurisdiction grounds, remands case to proceed with discovery.
United States
29 Jan 2019
Ninth Circuit Allow The Robles v. Domino's Website And Mobile App Accessibility Lawsuit To Move Forward
Ninth Circuit overturns district court's dismissal of website accessibility lawsuit on due process and primary jurisdiction grounds, remands case to proceed with discovery.
United States
23 Jan 2019
Airline's Provision Of Alternative Accessible Website Triggers Hefty Fine Under The Air Carrier Access Act
Seyfarth Synopsis: The Department of Transportation says that an airline's provision of an accessible alternative website violates the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA),
United States
7 Jan 2019
Wave Of The Future: The Effect Of AI And Robotics On Commercial Real Estate
Various areas of commercial real estate stand to experience significant changes in the coming years as artificial intelligence (AI) ...
United States
26 Nov 2018
Domino's: Ninth Circuit Hears Web Accessibility Appeal Argument
Due process, DOJ's failure to enact regulations, and whether the ADA covers websites arguments dominated the recent Domino's Ninth Circuit oral argument.
United States
23 Oct 2018
The Internet Of Things And The Difficulty In Regulating Emerging Technologies
From window blinds to locks, the total number of consumer and industrial devices capable of collecting, transmitting and receiving data through the Internet continues to grow.
United States
19 Oct 2018
California's IoT Security Law – Everyone Needs Cybersecurity Now
In September of this year, with SB 327, California stepped into the vanguard of information age law by passing a cybersecurity regulation on the Internet of Things. SB 327 has added new sections to Cal. Civil Code §1798.
United States
17 Oct 2018
Robles V. Dominos: Engaged Ninth Circuit Hears Web Access Appeal
This morning, October 12, in sunny Pasadena, California, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral argument in the Robles v. Dominos case.
United States
16 Oct 2018
Florida Court Dismisses Website Accessibility Case, Clarifying "Nexus" Requirement For Stating A Claim Under The ADA
Seyfarth Synopsis: Florida court rules that plaintiff must allege more than being unable to learn about a brick-and-mortar business to state a claim that an allegedly inaccessible website violates...
United States
10 Oct 2018
DOJ Says Failure To Comply With Web Accessibility Guidelines Is Not Necessarily A Violation Of The ADA
DOJ's response to members of Congress about the explosion in website accessibility lawsuits contains some helpful guidance for public accommodations fighting these claims.
United States
5 Oct 2018
Defendants Fighting Website Accessibility Cases Face An Uphill Battle In 2018
Seyfarth Synopsis: Plaintiffs secure a second judgment in a federal website accessibility lawsuit while most of the others successfully fended off motions to dismiss.
United States
24 Sep 2018
Senators Send AG Sessions Letter Seeking Clarity On Website Accessibility Under ADA
Seyfarth Synopsis: Not long after a similar Congressional appeal, Senators sent a letter to Attorney General Sessions urging action to stem the tide of website accessibility lawsuits plaguing
United States
17 Sep 2018
Website Access And Other ADA Title III Lawsuits Hit Record Numbers
If ADA Title III federal lawsuit numbers continue to be filed at the current pace, 2018's total will exceed 2017 by 30%, fueled largely by website accessibility lawsuit continued growth.
United States
23 Jul 2018
Members Of Congress Urge DOJ To Declare That Private Website Accessibility Lawsuits Violate Due Process
These decisions opened the proverbial floodgates and resulted in at least 814 federal lawsuits in 2017 about allegedly inaccessible websites, including a number of putative class actions.
United States
27 Jun 2018
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