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What To Do About CDA Section 230 And ISP Immunity?
Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) became law long ago when it comes to internet time, way back in the 1990s. The main thrust of the CDA was an effort by Congress
United States
19 Aug 2019
FBI Warns Of Cybercrimes Targeting Seniors
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day took place last week on June 15. This Awareness Day highlights how older populations are vulnerable to various forms of fraud and seeks
United States
9 Jul 2019
Social Media Companies Seek Government Content Regulation?
Long ago in internet time, way back in the 1990s, Congress passed the Communications Decency Act (CDA). A key feature of the CDA is Section 230 of the statute.
United States
13 Jun 2019
U.S. Seeks To Thwart Foreign Cyber Adversaries
Concerns about foreign hackers have been heightened since the 2016 presidential election, given that various U.S. intelligence agencies reported foreign Internet efforts to influence that election.
United States
26 Sep 2018
Uber: Not Just Cars — All Transportation All The Time
Uber recently has entered into the business of freight.
United States
20 Jun 2018
Censoring A Facebook Post Showing A Naked Statuette?
We tend to think of censorship happening in other countries, and not so much in the United States. Just like the government can't violate the First Amendment, we like to think ...
United States
8 Mar 2018
What to Do About Social Media Bullying and Hate
Social media outlets now connect billions of people around the globe on a constant basis. Facebook, by headcount, has become the largest nation on the planet, with approximately two billion users.
United States
29 Aug 2017
Breaking Out of the Social Media Loop
Every single day, billions of people spend countless seconds, minutes, and hours on social media. Why?
United States
2 Aug 2017
We Need Internet Stop Signs
Has our ability to stay present in the real world largely been destroyed by the internet? If so, how has that happened? If we erected internet "stop signs" would we be better off?
United States
31 Jul 2017
10 Costly Mistakes Business Leaders Make on Twitter
Twitter remains one of the most popular platforms for people to exchange ideas, promote news and express opinions. I'm a social media enthusiast, but my work in employment law makes me all too aware of the risks inherent in these instant-post tools.
United States
24 Apr 2017
Social Media And Attacks On Traditional, Investigative Journalism
Once upon a time, we received news in traditional formats from finite media sources by way of newspapers, television, and radio.
United States
24 Feb 2017
The Coming Tech Year
We made it through 2016.
United States
11 Jan 2017
The Different Layers Of The Internet
Most of us regularly use the surface level of the internet. But there are other deeper and darker levels. So, let's briefly explore three levels of the internet.
United States
16 Sep 2016
Government Cracks Down On Nursing Home Use Of Social Media
On August 5, 2016, CMS published a Survey and Certification Memorandum urging State health departments to enforce violations by nursing homes in posting patient images on social media.
United States
23 Aug 2016
6 Ways To Lawfully Embrace Social Recruiting
I am pleased to share my latest post to Entrepreneur. I hear too many lawyers strongly discourage employers from ever looking at an applicant's social media accounts.
United States
16 Aug 2016
Internet Olympic Battles: USA's King vs. Russia's Efimova
The United States and Russia are superpowers and have potential and actual conflicts in various realms. And the Olympics are no exception when it comes to conflicts between the two countries.
United States
11 Aug 2016
Negative Online Reviews
Should restaurant owners care about negative online reviews? A study by Harvard Business School indicated a one-star increase on a Yelp review can boost a business's revenue by five to nine percent.
United States
29 Jun 2016
Imposter Twitter Account Protected By First Amendment, Rules Michigan Court
In April 2014, Levitt noticed that someone had created a Twitter account billing itself as "Todd Levitt 2.0."
United States
26 May 2016
Magistrate Judge Says There Are Limits To Relevance Of Social Media Accounts But Warns Plaintiff About Privacy Settings
A Magistrate Judge in a New York federal court recently had words of caution for social media-loving litigants and the lawyers who want to read their posts.
United States
20 May 2016
Facebook Potentially Liable In French Nude Painting Case
This legal decision could be of concern to Facebook, as it has more than 30 million users in France, and because the French appellate court rejected the clause contained in Facebook's terms and conditions...
United States
18 Feb 2016
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