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Acceso a medicamentos: ¿Las patentes son una barrera?
Los invitamos a leer el siguiente artículo en el que nuestro socio el Ing. Héctor Chagoya hace mención de como las patentes son un derecho fundamental que protege
16 Aug 2019
The Challenge Of Protecting Polymorphs In Mexico
Polymorphism refers to the ability of a compound to exhibit more than one crystalline form
12 Dec 2018
Recent Developments In Clinical Data Exclusivity
Mexico, along with the United States and Canada, was one of the first countries to sign data protection provisions in a free trade agreement.
12 Apr 2016
Public Health vs. Commercial Benefit
In these modern times, when it is has become a reality that the development of a country is intimately related with the innovation generated within, we would be able, without any fear of being mistaken.
16 Jul 2012
Current Developments On Biosimilar Drug Regulations In Mexico
With the discovery and introduction of biotechnological drugs, the pharmaceutical industry is rapidly rising, changing and expanding.
5 Aug 2011
Second Medical Use Claims In Mexico With The New European Format
It is widely known that the methods for the treatment of the human or animal body by means of therapy are excluded from patentability in most legislations around the world, and the Mexican law is not the exception.
18 Jul 2011
The Current Scenario of Biosimilars in Mexico
When talking about allopathic medicines, it is well known that the Pharmaceutical Industry in Mexico does not carry on research and development in primary molecules but only on secondary molecules, i.e. formulations of two or more active ingredients – known molecules -, which combination results in a second medical use, or which enhances the therapeutic effect thereof.
22 Sep 2010
The Recent Decision of the Supreme Court of Justice Will Improve The Efficiency of the Mexican Linkage System
Since the Mexican Linkage system was created in 2003 as a consequence of some amendments to the regulations of the General Law of Health and of the Industrial Property Law, the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (MIIP) had been including in its Special Gazette (created to compile the patents subject to be included within such system) only those patents that protect an active substance per-se but not any other kind of pharmaceutical patents, as for example, those patents granted to protect
6 Sep 2010
The Recent Decision of The Supreme Court of Justice Will Improve the Efficiency of the Mexican Linkage System
Since the Mexican Linkage system was created in 2003 as a consequence of some amendments to the regulations of the General Law of Health and of the Industrial Property Law, the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (MIIP)...
20 May 2010
An Update Of The Legal Framework For Plant Varieties In Mexico
Last September, a bill of the Plant Varieties Law (PVL) was submitted by the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), which is under review at the Mexican Congress in the Senate.
19 Feb 2010
Polymorph Applications: The Mexican Approach
In the summer of 1998, Abbot Laboratories was forced to remove from the market a first crystalline form of its medicament ritonavir, a peptidomimetic drug used to treat HIV-1 infection, in favor of a second molecular form, or polymorph, which had different dissolution properties.
25 Aug 2009
The Relevant Role That Searches Of Information Play In The Pharmaceutical Industry
In their constant efforts to assert Industrial Property protection, R&D-based pharmaceutical companies face several challenges through their subsidiaries in Mexico.
25 Oct 2007
The Mexican Patent Office Position Regarding The Patentability Of Prodrugs In Terms Of Clarity
For about at least three years, the Mexican patent examiners have adopted the practice of issuing official letters in order to reject the term "prodrug", arguing that the meaning thereof is neither restricted nor clearly supported by the patent application description.
25 May 2007
Patentability of Prodrugs in Mexico
In view of the fact that metabolism is the major process by which foreign substances, including drugs are eliminated from the body, or really the sum of many ongoing individual processes by which living cells process molecules and maintain a living state, it is not easy to understand how said processes may biotransform a drug substance into pharmacologically active or inactive metabolites.
8 Aug 2006
Some Considerations Related With the Ethics in the Patentability of Biotechnology Related Inventions in Mexico
New technologies derived from biological sciences, particularly those related with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), have generated ethical concerns in Patent Offices worldwide.
7 Oct 2005
Biotechnology at Third Stage of Development
Biotechnology is modifying the cultural and economic relations within the societies in the globalizated world.
17 Jan 2005
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