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Budget 2019: New Excise Duty Regime For Three New Classes Of Legalized Cannabis Products, And GST/HST Amendments For Health Care And Zero-Emission Passenger Vehicles
Currently, under the Cannabis Act,[1] there are five classes of legal cannabis, namely, fresh/dried cannabis, cannabis oil, cannabis plant seeds
11 Jul 2019
The Next Phase Of Canadian Cannabis: What To Expect In 2019 And Beyond
On June 14, 2019, Health Canada unveiled its Final Regulations for New Cannabis Products: Edible Cannabis, Cannabis Extracts and Cannabis Topicals, addressing the production and sale of edible cannabis, ...
28 Jun 2019
Health Canada Consultations On The Prohibition Of Partially Hydrogenated Oils In Foods And Front-Of-Package Nutrition Labelling
In his November 2015 mandate letter, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tasked the Honourable Jane Philpott, Minister of Health with, among other things, introducing restrictions on the marketing of unhealthy food and beverages to children, ..
20 Dec 2016
Making Better Food Choices: Health Canada's Vision For Canadians
In an effort to make it easier for Canadians to choose more nutritious foods and drinks, Health Canada recently revealed its new long-term healthy eating strategy.
15 Dec 2016
Demystifying The Federal Government's Assisted Dying Legislation And The New Lawsuit Challenging Its Constitutional Validity
You are likely aware of the Federal Government's controversial Bill C‑14 and the legislation enacted pertaining to Medical Assistance in Dying ("MAID"), which was passed into law on June 17, 2016 (the "Legislation").
28 Oct 2016
Not All Cannabis Is Created Equal: Reimbursement For Medical Marijuana
A recent Ontario arbitration involved a grievance alleging that the denial of a claim for reimbursement for medical marijuana under a group health plan breached the collective agreement.
7 Jun 2016
Let The Experts Explain The Benefits
The Plaintiff, Mr. F, developed cystic fibrosis at the age of 9. F worked as a software engineer for MacDonald, Dettwiler ("MDA") for 6 years and was insured under a group long term disability policy.
31 Mar 2016
Health Privacy Revisited – Upcoming Changes To Ontario's Health Privacy Laws
Privacy matters to Ontarians and even more so, in light of a number of highly publicized breaches of sensitive personal health information in circumstances where one would expect PHI to be protected...
12 Aug 2015
Flag On The Play? Recent Disclosure Of NFL Player's Medical Information Sparks Allegations Of Privacy Violations
The recent unauthorized disclosure of a National Football League ("NFL") player's medical records has garnered significant media attention.
20 Jul 2015
Managing The Privacy Side Effects Of Rx (And Other) Customer Loyalty Programs
On April 10, 1967, the Alberta College of Pharmacists prohibited pharmacists from offering customers inducements for the purchase of prescription drugs, blood products or professional services, stating that "[i]nducements cloud decisions that should be based solely on the best healthcare.
25 May 2014
The Supreme Court Of Canada Upholds The Ban On Private Label Generic Drugs – "Katz Group Canada Inc. v Ontario (Health And Long-Term Care), 2013 SCC 64"
In a unanimous ruling, the Supreme Court of Canada has upheld the validity of the private label regulations made under the Ontario Drug Benefit Act and the "Drug Interchangeability and Dispensing Fee Act".
6 Dec 2013
The Canadian Special Access Program For Medical Devices
Health Canada regulates the safety, efficacy and quality of therapeutic products, including medical devices under the "Food and Drugs Act".
15 Jul 2013
From Tooth-Brushes To Insulin Pumps – The Regulation Of Medical Devices In Canada
The Canadian market surrounding the advertisement, importation and sale of medical devices is far from insignificant.
15 Jul 2013
Navigating Health Law In Canada - The Legal Framework June 2013
The Canadian health care market and regulatory environment is constantly evolving in light of changing health care priorities and policies, an aging population and creative business models, providing great opportunity for the sale of new and diverse health products and services.
25 Jun 2013
Prescribing Legal Remedies In A Hospital Setting
On a recent walk to pick up her eldest daughter from kindergarten, Cindy Desbiens heard the words she’d been dreaming about for years.
16 Sep 2009
Tobacco Advertising: Supreme Court Ashes Manufacturers’ Appeal
On June 28th, the Supreme Court of Canada released its much awaited decision dealing with the constitutionality of tobacco advertising restrictions under Canada’s Tobacco Act (“Act”) and the Tobacco Products Information Regulations (“TPIR”).
13 Jul 2007
Trouble is Brewing: Beer Industry Faces Numerous Challenges
Recent press reports suggest that the Canadian beer industry is in trouble. A shrinking consumer base depressed prices, smoking by-laws and industry consolidation are just some of the long-term threats faced by brewers. Short-term factors such as the NHL lockout and unseasonably cold temperatures have also contributed to disappointing recent quarterly results.
8 Nov 2005
Case Comment: Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club et al v. Ontario (Minister of Finance) - Meaning of "Permanent Establishment" for Ontario Employer Health Tax and Beyond
For the purpose of funding health care in Ontario, the Employer Health Tax Act taxes Ontario employers on specified percentages of the remuneration paid to their employees.
24 Aug 2005
Ontario’s New Health Premium: Robbing Peter to Pay Dalton?
The Ontario Health Premium ("Health Premium"), introduced this past summer by Premier Dalton McGuinty’s government, continues to cause a stir among unionized employers. Many unions argue that left-over references in collective agreements to an employer’s obligation to pay "OHIP premiums", which were payable by individuals several years ago, require employers to pay the new Health Premium
1 Dec 2004
Hospital Construction - The Devil is in the Legislative Detail
Construction or renovation projects are notorious for causing headaches for all parties involved. Seldom do they come in ‘under budget’ or ‘on schedule’. Additional and unique challenges arise when the construction or renovation project relates to a hospital. Hospitals face serious budget and financing constraints, the public scrutinizes the board’s choices and decisions, and the construction process itself, is often quite political.
16 Nov 2004
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