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GMC to Review Child Protection Guidance
On 5 May 2010, David Southall won his appeal against a GMC finding that he accused a mother of murdering her son and a ruling striking him off the medical register.
25 Oct 2010
Compensation Awarded For Disablity Caused By MMR Vaccine
This article discusses the recent award made to a young man whose severe disabilities were found to have been caused by the MMR vaccine he was given as a baby.
25 Oct 2010
Social Service Claims After Pierce v Doncaster MBC, Court Of Appeal, December 2008
Considerable publicity has been generated by this case, including a headline piece in The Times headed "300 victims of abuse to sue councils for neglect", after this allegedly landmark ruling "established for the first time that local authorities are liable for abuse suffered by children if they fail to remove them from harm".
2 Apr 2009
New Deprivation Of Liberty Safeguards Introduced
Despite the views of the Cheshire Cat (and disregarding his somewhat old fashioned terminology), not every patient treated in a mental health unit falls within the scope of the Mental Health Act (MHA).
14 Oct 2008
Are You Ready For 3 November 2008?
In preparation for 3 November 2008, every NHS Trust needs to have the following measures in place.
14 Oct 2008
Smoking Ban - A Health Warning To Employers?
Since 1 July smoking has been prohibited in the workplace. Under the Health Act 2006, employers will now be criminally liable and exposed to fines if they fail to enforce the ban. But will the ban also lead to a rise in employment claims against employers?
15 Nov 2007
No Obligation To Extend Sick Pay For Disabled Employees
The recent decision by the Court of Appeal in O'Hanlon v Commissioners for HM Revenue & Customs will be welcomed by employers, in light of the implications it has for sick pay policies. The Court of Appeal held that, when Mrs Hanlon's entitlement to sick pay had been exhausted under HM Revenue & Customs' sick pay policy, the employer's failure to continue to pay Mrs O'Hanlon was neither a failure to make a reasonable adjustment nor disability discrimination.
13 Apr 2007
The New Age Discrimination Legislation: What Partnerships Need To Know
The new Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 (the "Regulations") came into force on 1 October 2006 and prohibit discrimination, harassment and victimisation on the grounds of age.
1 Mar 2007
Airline Liabilities in a Sick World
In 1979, 72 per cent of passengers on one aircraft contracted influenza. The attack rate was associated with the ventilation system not being in operation during a three hour ground delay.
31 Aug 2006
Barker v Corus: Not the End of the Road?
The recent House of Lords’ decision in Barker v Corus, and the subsequent controversy, culminating in a government pledge to legislate around the ruling, has ensured that asbestos is once again a major concern for the UK insurance/ reinsurance industry.
8 Aug 2006
Asia-Pacific Aerospace Briefing News from Around the Region
China has commenced construction of the rocket and satellite for its first lunar expedition. It has also started testing the launch facility and ground application systems. China is scheduled to send its first satellite to the moon in April 2007 from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in the southwestern Sichuan Province, in a oneyear lunar mission dubbed : Chang’e Project.
6 Apr 2006
Climate Change: How Will Insurers Be Affected?
The Third Assessment Report of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (2001) confirms the broad scientific consensus that climate change is already occurring and will continue. The balance of evidence suggests that the cause is the increasing concentration of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere resulting from the burning of fossil fuels.
20 Feb 2006
Permanent Health Insurance
In order to provide employees with protection from being deprived of the benefit of the PHI policy, the Courts have said that there is an implied term in the contract of employment that an employee will not be dismissed where they are incapable of work and where they are in receipt of, or likely to receive, benefits under a PHI policy (Aspden v Webbs Poultry (1996)).
2 Sep 2005
DVT Update: Air Carriers Winning the Argument on Failure to Warn
Despite concerns as to the possible ramifications for DVT claims of the US Supreme Court’s judgment in Husain v Olympic Airlines, DVT decisions around the globe are currently going in favour of the airlines in finding no cause of action based on failure to warn.
6 Oct 2004
BLG Health & Safety Developments-Spring 2004
BLG Health & Safety Developments-Spring 2004
24 Jun 2004
An Uncertain Future
Inconsistent application of product liability laws in courts across the EU is causing headaches for product manufacturers. Giles Kavanagh of Barlow Lyde &Gilbert outlines the issues.

The European Commission instructed the law firm Lovells to report into the operation of EC Council Directive 85/374 (the Directive) in December 2001. England was the first country to implement the Directive into domestic law in the form of the Co

10 Mar 2004
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