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New DIFC Real Estate Laws And Regulations
The new laws and regulations represent the first significant overhaul of the DIFC's real estate framework since 2007.
Saudi Arabia
19 Nov 2018
Saudi Arabia Update - September And October 2018
According to the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA), foreign investment licence issuances have increased by 130 per cent during the first quarter of 2018.
Saudi Arabia
16 Nov 2018
Q&A: Legal Considerations For Construction In Saudi Arabia
1. Is a local partner required in any part of the construction process?
Saudi Arabia
13 Aug 2018
Unified Contract To Start Being Used In The Last Quarter Of 2018
There has been an electronic rental project launched in Saudi Arabia to facilitate rental agreements for both residential and commercial rentals. The idea behind this new platform...
Saudi Arabia
17 Jul 2018
Main Contractors May Not Be Liable For The Nominated Subcontractors' Delay
The UAE Civil Transaction Code ("CTC") provides in article (890) that the main contractor may sub-contract the construction contract, in whole, or in part, unless otherwise agreed in the construction contract.
Saudi Arabia
26 Jun 2018
Update: Abu Dhabi Real Estate Law Implementation
This article provides a snap shot of the latest updates insofar as the Abu Dhabi Real Estate Law is concerned:
Saudi Arabia
25 Jun 2018
Overview Of Saudi Real Estate Laws And Practice
The purpose of this article is to provide developers, investors and other stakeholders with an overview of the main laws and regulations affecting the real estate practice ...
Saudi Arabia
25 Jun 2018
Real Estate, Hotels & Leisure In Focus
It has been a busy year for our growing team of lawyers advising and helping our clients operating in the world of real estate, hotels and leisure.
Saudi Arabia
6 Jun 2018
Developers In Dubai Can Terminate Without Court Order
On 18 October 2017 His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum issued Law No. 19 of 2017, amending Article 11 of Law No. 13 of 2008 which regulates the Interim Real Estate Register...
Saudi Arabia
20 Mar 2018
Key Issues Investors Need To Know When Buying Real Estate Off Plan: Part 1 Of Know Your Rights For Real Estate Investors In Dubai Guide
Al Tamimi & Company proudly published a real estate guide called ‘Know Your Rights for Real Estate Investors in Dubai' in collaboration with the Dubai Land Department on 3 April 2017 (‘Guide').
Saudi Arabia
9 Oct 2017
SAMA Circular Concerning Variable-Cost Real Estate Financing Products Offered To Individual Customers
The Circular reminds financial institutions of the importance of explaining to Customers the nature of Products, their costs, anticipated benefits and risks.
Saudi Arabia
26 Sep 2017
The Circular Of The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency Concerning The Mortaging Of Real Estate In Favor Of Banks And Financial Institutions
SAMA has also requested that it be informed of any instance where a Public Notary refuses to record a mortgage on a real estate.
Saudi Arabia
20 Jun 2017
The Saudi Arabian White Land Tax Law
Pursuant to Royal Decree No. M/4 dated 24 November 2015 and to Council of Ministers Decision No. 377 dated 13 June 2016, the Saudi Arabian legislator issued the White Land Tax Law (the "Law") and its implementing regulations (the "Regulations").
Saudi Arabia
15 Aug 2016
Saudisation In The KSA Construction Industry
Despite the on-going volatility in the oil price and the increasingly apparent onset of a slowdown in 2016, the KSA Government is pushing ahead with an ambitious development agenda...
Saudi Arabia
1 Mar 2016
Saudi Arabia Update - December 2015
The MoCI warned practitioners of real estate valuation from carrying on their profession without obtaining a temporary membership from the Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers (the Authority) authorizing them to do so.
Saudi Arabia
31 Dec 2015
Offplan In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
The great property upswing of the past few years followed by the recent downturn, has caused legislators in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ("KSA") to take note, and, as a result, beneficial lessons have been learned.
Saudi Arabia
12 Oct 2015
Foreigners Can Own Usufruct Right For 100 Years In Sharjah
On 16 November 2014, H.H. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, the Crown Prince in the Emirate of Sharjah, issued Executive Council Resolution No. 26 of 2014...
Saudi Arabia
5 Oct 2015
Arbitrating Construction Disputes In The UAE: The Process From Start To End
So you have taken your claim through the prescribed contractual procedures to try and resolve it amicably but this has failed.
Saudi Arabia
1 Oct 2015
Can We Really Limit Liability?
Introduction: Limitation of liability (LOL) clauses are commonly used in construction related contracts in the UAE and indeed in most parts of the world.
Saudi Arabia
1 Oct 2015
Dealing With Concurrency In Construction Delay
A significant proportion of construction claims in the UAE involve issues relating to the delayed completion of a project.
Saudi Arabia
1 Oct 2015
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