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Construction Claims Features Testa Article On Construction Site Risk Management
The construction industry, although it has much fewer women employees in its ranks, has been progressive in recognizing and dealing with harassment...
United States
15 Jul 2019
2019 Artisan/Construction Defect Law Review
The 2019 Artisan/Construction Defect Law Review addresses certain issues in this class of business by reviewing applicable statutes.
United States
28 Jun 2019
"Mismatching" Third-Party Claims In Construction Litigation
When asserting or defending third-party claims in the context of construction litigation, the underlying plaintiff's choice of legal theories can often dictate the available remedies for defendant(s) ...
United States
4 Jan 2019
New York Tightens Its Grip On CBD Even As The Feds Ease Industrial Hemp Restrictions
By removing industrial hemp from regulation under the Controlled Substances Act, the 2018 Farm Bill has garnered lots of excitement within the industry.
United States
20 Dec 2018
New Jersey's Highest Court Scrutinizes Statutes Of Limitation And The Discovery Rule In Construction Defect Cases
The typical construction defect case presents an up-front analytical challenge: the defense attorney is presented with boxes of project materials ...
United States
17 Jul 2018
California Supreme Court Holds The Right To Repair Act Provides Exclusive Remedy For Construction Defect Claims
On January 18, 2018, the California Supreme Court resolved 15 years of debate when it issued McMillin Albany LLC v. Superior Court, S229762 (2018) __ Cal.4th __.
United States
26 Jan 2018
Pennsylvania Superior Court Widens The Net For Negligent Misrepresentation Claims Against Professionals
A recent ruling by Pennsylvania's intermediate appellate court has expanded the scope of liability for negligent misrepresentation to include a class of potential defendants far beyond those expressly exposed...
United States
26 Oct 2017
California Supreme Court Imposes Broad Liability For Employers And Premises Owners In "Take-Home" Toxic Exposure Cases
The Supreme Court of California has overturned prior case law and imposed broad new liability on "employers and premises owners" in "take-home" toxic exposure cases.
United States
22 Dec 2016
NJ Supreme Court Opens Door To More Take-Home Exposure Claims Against Landowners
The New Jersey Supreme Court held that individuals other than spouses exposed to take-home toxins may pursue claims against landowners.
United States
2 Aug 2016
New York Imposes Duty On Mortgage Lenders To Maintain "Zombie Properties" And Increases Lenders' Exposure For Premises Liability Claims
On June 23, 2016, New York State enacted legislation imposing a duty on banks and mortgage companies to maintain one- to four-family residential properties abandoned by their owners before they have foreclosed on the properties.
United States
20 Jul 2016
Use Of Criminal Background Checks In Fair Housing: HUD's New Guidelines
Citing a disproportionately high rate of arrest and incarceration among minorities, especially African Americans and Latinos, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development recently issued new guidance.
United States
20 Jun 2016
Insurer Found Not To Have Waived A Policy Exclusion That Was Omitted In Initial Coverage Letter
The recent ruling in the Provencal matter again demonstrates in a property damage case that waiver cannot create coverage because the underlying coverage must, in the first instance, exist if the waiver is to serve any purpose.
United States
20 Apr 2016
NYC Institutes New Requirements For Cooling Towers In Wake Of Legionnaires' Disease Deaths
Building owners are required to pay for the inspection and disinfection. Violations of registration, certification and inspection requirements are punishable by civil penalties up to $10,000.
United States
28 Sep 2015
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