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Recent construction company collapses highlight ongoing problems with retentions
A retention funds shortfall has been reported in a number of construction companies in liquidation or receivership.
New Zealand
23 Sep 2019
EQC to provide cover to on-sold over-cap earthquake-damaged properties in Christchurch
EQC will make an ex gratia payment to cover the cost of repair for purchasers of these earthquake-damaged properties.
New Zealand
24 Aug 2019
Judgment summary: Xu v IAG New Zealand Ltd (SC 47/2018) [2019] NZSC 68: earthquake damage and property insurance
A policy of property insurance is personal and cannot be assigned to purchasers without the consent of the insurers.
New Zealand
8 Jul 2019
Parliament passes the Canterbury Earthquakes Insurance Tribunal Act 2018
This Act aims to help Cantabrians resolve outstanding residential insurance claims from the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes.
New Zealand
31 May 2019
Significant changes are coming to the Building Act - what do you need to know?
Article discusses 3 key outcomes for the industry and the 5 different sections of changes proposed to achieve these outcomes.
New Zealand
24 Apr 2019
Judgment summary: Minister of Education v McKee Fehl Constructors Ltd [2018] NZHC 1177: Professional indemnity insurance policy
This case discusses the question of exactly when cover is triggered under a "claims made and notified" liability policy.
New Zealand
18 Jul 2018
Methamphetamine decontamination of properties: a new era?
There could be some confusion between the signalled government policy, the applicable standards, and industry practice.
New Zealand
7 Jun 2018
Working with asbestos - what you need to know
New Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016 are coming into full force on 4 April 2018.
New Zealand
28 Feb 2018
Court of Appeal decision confirms that direct payment agreements can provide protection from voidable transactions
A direct agreement empowers the financier to step in and complete the construction project if the developer defaults.
New Zealand
13 Aug 2017
Earthquake judgment summary - Young v Tower Insurance Ltd [2016] NZHC 2956
This judgment considered the extent of the damage, construction methods and exemplary damages claims against the insurer.
New Zealand
11 Jul 2017
Meth: some certainty in the haze, for contaminated properties
A new standard, NZS 8510:2017, brings clarity to testing and decontamination of methamphetamine contaminated properties.
New Zealand
5 Jul 2017
Construction contracts retentions - a new regime from 31 March 2017
This new retention scheme is designed to safeguard retention money in the event of insolvency of the holding party.
New Zealand
23 Mar 2017
Judgment summary - Earthquake damage and insurance - Paul Geoffrey Myall v Tower Insurance Ltd [2017] NZHC 251
Mr Myall was underinsured, as the insurance policy was based on a floor area of about 80 per cent of the actual area.
New Zealand
10 Mar 2017
Adjudication of disputes under the Construction Contracts Act 2002
The Act establishes a complete process for the adjudication of a dispute between the parties to a construction contract.
New Zealand
27 Feb 2017
The payment claim process under the Construction Contracts Act 2002
The Act allows the parties to the construction contract to agree on express terms for payment of the construction work.
New Zealand
9 Feb 2017
Earthquake damage: Judgment Summary - Young v Tower Insurance Ltd [2016] NZHC 2956
This earthquake judgment considers issues such as construction methods, exemplary damages and the duty of good faith.
New Zealand
22 Dec 2016
Judgment Summary - Final is final - Prattley Enterprises Ltd v Vero Insurance New Zealand Ltd [2016] NZSC 158
By settling its claims against Vero Insurance, Prattley abandoned any entitlement to go back to Vero for more money.
New Zealand
14 Dec 2016
A summary of the Construction Contracts Act 2002
This Act applies to all contracts relating to either commercial or residential construction work in New Zealand.
New Zealand
8 Dec 2016
David John Jarden and Joanne Jarden v Lumley General Insurance (NZ) Ltd [2016] NZCA 193: earthquake damage
It considered if specific items of damage were caused by the Christchurch earthquakes and looks at the EQC settlement.
New Zealand
20 May 2016
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