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Legal Notebook December 2013 - valuers' liability
The UK case is a summary of general principles when assessing valuers' liability and contributory negligence of lenders.
27 Dec 2013
Real estate in the fashion industry - expanding to a global market: case studies
The article discusses 3 fashion brands - Levi Strauss, Burberry and L K Bennett - in relation to real estate services.
22 Jun 2013
Valuation of property: Provident Capital Limited v John Virtue Pty Ltd (No 2) [2012] NSWSC 319
The valuation method adopted must be reasonable, notwithstanding the potential for some variance on those issues.
29 Sep 2012
Australia, A Land of Opportunity? Property confidence and investment
Within the Australian property industry, the two-speed economy is well and truly alive.
24 Mar 2012
The impact of the PPSA on real estate transactions
Discusses the impact of the PPSA in taking over personal securities.
11 Jul 2011
When are leased premises ‘untenantable’?
Christchurch earthquakes and resulting insurance issues. Leases terminated damage.
New Zealand
14 Jun 2011
Finance and Projects Update
A number of recent legal developments (both legislative and case law) will have an impact on project financing (particularly in respect of commercial property). This update summarises some of the more significant legal developments and highlights the potential impact of those developments on property financiers.
8 Mar 2011
Tax breaks for green buildings
Fresh from the implementation of the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) laws in November 2010, the Commonwealth Government is pressing ahead with its drive to green Australia's building stock.
2 Feb 2011
Does Private Wastewater Infrastructure Within a Roadway Trigger the Requirement to Obtain a State Resource Entitlement?
In the recent Queensland Planning and Environment Court decision of Canaipa Developments Pty Ltd v Redland City Council & Ors [2010] QP EC 034, the Court found that a failure to include evidence of a State resource entitlement for private wastewater infrastructure in a public roadway meant that a development application was not properly made.
3 Jun 2010
Building Act reform: A step in the right direction
The Department of Building and Housing (NZ) has recently released a discussion document outlining proposed reforms to the Building Act 2004.
New Zealand
17 Mar 2010
Property Law Act 2007 - the effect of Sections 268-272 on landlord-tenant recovery
The Property Law Act 2007 (PLA) came into effect it seemed to be one of those rare pieces of legislation that made life simpler.
New Zealand
1 Mar 2010
High Court Determines When An Occurrence Based Liability Policy Responds To A Leaky Building Claim
General Liability Policies insure liability for property damage occurring during the period of insurance.
New Zealand
5 Oct 2009
As A Landlord Of Retail Space – Are You Complying With The Act?
If you are a landlord of retail shop premises in Queensland (as defined in the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 (the Act)), you may not be aware of the notification obligations that arise as your tenants approach the end of the terms of their leases, or more significantly, the potential consequences for failing to satisfy these obligations.
5 Aug 2009
Significant Changes On The Way For NZ Property Laws
The New Zealand Government has signalled that regulation of property managers and a number of key pieces of property related legislation are under review.
New Zealand
25 Jun 2009
Clause 52.17: A Greater Focus On Native Vegetation Conservation Within Residential Zones
The Tribunal's decision in Reeve v Hume CC & Ors [2009] VCAT 65, handed down in January this year, has significant implications for the development of land which requires the removal of native vegetation.
2 Jun 2009
Progress On The New Residential Zones
The long awaited new (draft) residential zones were released by the State Government earlier this year and are contained in its report 'New residential zones for Victoria - Consultation Draft' (February 2009).
2 Jun 2009
New Victorian Guidelines For Planing Permit Applications In Water Supply Catchment Areas
When applying for a planning permit to develop land in Victoria within an open, potable water supply catchment, the application must have regard to the Guidelines for Planning Permit Applications in Open, Potable Water Supply Catchment Areas.
2 Jun 2009
Aged Care And Retirement Living Update - Regulatory Changes
The NSW State Parliament has recently passed the Retirement Villages Amendment Act 2009 (NSW), which is due to commence in mid 2009.
11 May 2009
Property Developers May Be Ordered To Pay Councils´ Costs When Amended Development Applications Are Filed
Property developers who appeal to the NSW Land and Environment Court and who decide that a proposed development should be amended run the risk that the Court will order them to pay the Council's costs for the original proposal.
7 May 2009
Relocation Clauses – How Do They Work?
The retail tenancy legislation in all jurisdictions in Australia, apart from Western Australia, include provisions relating to relocation clauses.
16 Apr 2009
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