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New Jersey Supreme Court Rejects Broad Expansion Of Private Nuisance And Trespass
The facts in Ross are fairly straightforward. Susan Ellman (Ellman) owned residential property in Red Bank, New Jersey that contained a UST storing home heating oil.
United States
13 Aug 2015
Underwater Cover: The Supreme Court's Protection Of Junior Mortgage Holders
The Eleventh Circuit's decision to uphold the Bankruptcy Court's decisions was obviously not a welcome decision to many junior residential lenders across the country and the cases were appealed to the Supreme Court.
United States
3 Aug 2015
U.S. Supreme Court Holds Disparate Impact Claims Can Be Brought under Fair Housing Act
Lenders, servicers, and developers should continue to consider whether their policies and procedures result in unintended discrimination that may subject them to disparate impact claims under the Fair Housing Act
United States
2 Jul 2015
A Look At The Friendly Foreclosure Option
When a debtor defaults on a loan, a secured lender has several options for repayment. One option is a foreclosure sale under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code ("UCC").
United States
6 May 2015
Preferred Equity Investments And Mortgage Lending: Issues For Lenders And Borrowers
Real estate owners and developers have been increasingly turning toward preferred equity structures and investments in order to raise much needed capital for the purchase, renovation, and development of real property where such capital is unavailable from traditional lending sources.
United States
22 Apr 2015
California Legislative Update
Postponement of Implementation of the Final Phase of the AB 1103 Energy Disclosure Requirements for Nonresidential Buildings of 5,000 to 10,000 Square Feet.
United States
22 Apr 2015
What's Your Priority? An Open-Ended Examination Of Pennsylvania's Mechanics' Lien Law
On July 9, 2014, then Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett approved an amendment to Pennsylvania's Mechanics' Lien Law of 1963 (the "Lien Law") by signing into law Senate Bill 145
United States
21 Apr 2015
"Co-Tenancy Issues In Turbulent Time" Republished By The International Council Of Shopping Centers
Philip Rosenfeldt's article on "Co-Tenancy Issues in Turbulent Times" was republished in Shopping Center Landlord & Tenant Legal Issues.
United States
14 Mar 2013
City Of Philadelphia Announces Release Of Tax Year 2014 Real Estate Tax Market Values
Today, the City of Philadelphia's Office of Property Assessment is expected to release Tax Year 2014 proposed market values pursuant to the City’s "Actual Value Initiative."
United States
25 Feb 2013
Must A Real Estate Buyer Be ‘Ready, Willing And Able’ To Close The Purchase Of Real Estate In Order To Claim Damages From A Seller That Has Repudiated The Contract Of Sale? The New York Court Of Appeals Says Yes.
In Pesa v. Yoma Development Group, Inc., No. 3, NYLJ 1202541875877, at *1 (NY Ct. of App., Decided February 9, 2012), New York State's highest court, the New York Court of Appeals, held that a real estate buyer must be 'ready, willing and able' to close on the purchase of real estate in order to claim damages from a seller that has repudiated the contract of sale.
United States
31 Dec 2012
Proposed Amendments Would Limit The 10-Year Real Estate Tax Abatement In The City Of Philadelphia
On September 13, 2012, Philadelphia City Councilman W. Wilson Goode, Jr. introduced Bill No. 120651.
United States
25 Sep 2012
Revisions To Permit Extension Act Extends Life Of Deveopment Permits To 2016
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has recently approved an important amendment to the Permit Extension Act of 2010 that will extend the life of development related permits and approvals for an additional three years.
United States
25 Jul 2012
City Of Philadelphia Tax Year 2013 Real Estate Tax Rate Increase; Actual Value Initiative Update; And Homestead Exemption Alert
Following months of speculation and debate, the City of Philadelphia has officially postponed implementation of the Actual Value Initiative ("AVI") until Tax Year 2014.
United States
24 Jul 2012
NJ LSRPs-Speaking With The Enemy?
With limited exceptions, on May 7, 2012, New Jersey's requirement to use Licensed Site Remediation Professionals ("LSRPs") will be expanded to apply to all persons remediating sites in New Jersey.
United States
30 Mar 2012
New York City Tenants: Beware Of The NYC Commercial Rent Tax
Too often we hear stories of New York City ("NYC") tenants not realizing they are obligated to pay the NYC Commercial Rent Tax (the "Commercial Rent Tax" or the "Tax").
United States
20 Mar 2012
City Of Philadelphia Announces Stormwater Management Grant Program
The Philadelphia Water Department and the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation have announced a new Stormwater Management Incentives Program (SMIP) Grant, which complements the existing SMIP Loan Program.
United States
26 Jan 2012
A Primer Of The Elements And Risks Of Filing A Notice Of Pendency In New York
New York’s notice of pendency statute replaces the common law rule of lis pendens.
United States
2 Mar 2011
Renewable Energy Update: Recent Treasury Guidance on the "Beginning of Construction" for the Section 1603 Cash Grant Program
On June 25, 2010, the U.S. Treasury Department released additional guidance in the form of 25 frequently asked questions and answers (FAQs) with respect to the "beginning of construction" requirement for renewable energy projects that may be eligible for a cash grant in lieu of an investment tax credit under section 1603 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.
United States
21 Jul 2010
New Storm Water Management Charges take effect July 1, 2010 in Philadelphia
Do you own a Shopping Center, Industrial Building, Parking Lot, unimproved parcel or any Commercial, Industrial, Institutional or Multi-Family Residential property in the City of Philadelphia?
United States
24 Jun 2010
Real Estate Update, October 2009 - Solar Rooftop Generation, Chinese Go Bargain Shopping for U.S. Real Estate, Negotiating With Commercial Lenders In Turbulent Economic Times, Final Regulations And New Guidance Regarding Loan Modifications For REMICs
The electricity industry’s movement toward renewable energy development presents a unique opportunity for owners and developers of large-scale real property (e.g., warehouses and distribution centers).
United States
14 Oct 2009
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