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Turning Clicks Into Contracts: Top Ten Tips For An Influencer Marketing Contracts
The rise of the influencer as a marketing tool has been much discussed in the Middle East. From Kuwaiti beauty bloggers, who attract several million followers ...
Saudi Arabia
26 Jun 2018
Saudi Arabia Update - January 2018
Saudi Arabia's bankruptcy and insolvency law regime has been governed by two regulations, the earliest dating back to 1930.
Saudi Arabia
31 Jan 2018
Non-Cooperative Tax Jurisdictions: Ongoing Developments In Respect Of The European Union's Strategy On Governance
As you may be aware, yesterday, 5th December, the European Union ("EU") Commission produced a list of 17 countries identified for their perceived failures in regards to good tax governance.
Saudi Arabia
8 Dec 2017
Update – October 2017
Government to implement further anti-concealment (Tassatur) measures
Saudi Arabia
7 Nov 2017
A Comparison Of The VAT Regimes In Saudi Arabia And The UAE
As the United Arab Emirates (‘UAE') and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (‘Saudi Arabia') continue to lead the Gulf Cooperation Council (‘GCC') in proposing the implementation of value added tax (‘VAT').
Saudi Arabia
10 Oct 2017
Newly Introduced Taxes In Saudi Arabia: Selective, Family Levy For Expatriates; And VAT Starting From January 2018
As Saudi Arabia entered into a recession caused by the drop in the global oil prices – the main source of revenue for the country – which in turn led to a deficit at its budget, the Government enforced...
Saudi Arabia
2 Aug 2017
GAZT Issue Draft VAT Law
Saudi Arabia has been the first GCC state to put its draft VAT law out for consultation. Cyrille Naffah and John Peacock of the Saudi and UAE offices of BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates LLP explain the key provisions.
Saudi Arabia
30 Jun 2017
Tax Law Changes In Saudi Arabia
Businesses and consumers are confronting a pair of new tax laws in Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia
29 Jun 2017
Saudi Arabia Update - May 2017
The Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MOL) is discussing a potential new employment system for Saudi employees named "Flexible Work" (Flexible Work).
Saudi Arabia
15 Jun 2017
The Saudi Arabian General Authority Of Zakat And Income Tax (GAZT) Issues The Draft Vat Law
After analysis of the Draft Law, consisting of some 12 Chapters and 77 Articles, we highlight some of its key features herein below.
Saudi Arabia
14 Jun 2017
Introduction Of Value Added Tax (VAT) In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
On 03/05/1438 H (corresponding to January 31st, 2017 G), Saudi Arabia ratified the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Value Added Tax Framework Agreement (the "Framework Agreement") by virtue of Royal Decree No. M/51.
Saudi Arabia
24 May 2017
The Saudi Arabian White Land Tax Law
Pursuant to Royal Decree No. M/4 dated 24 November 2015 and to Council of Ministers Decision No. 377 dated 13 June 2016, the Saudi Arabian legislator issued the White Land Tax Law (the "Law") and its implementing regulations (the "Regulations").
Saudi Arabia
15 Aug 2016
Saudi Arabia Update - February 2016
Saudi Arabia seeks to draw investors to help reduce its reliance on oil exports and aims to facilitate foreign companies' investment in its market.
Saudi Arabia
7 Mar 2016
Saudi Arabia Update - December 2015
The MoCI warned practitioners of real estate valuation from carrying on their profession without obtaining a temporary membership from the Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers (the Authority) authorizing them to do so.
Saudi Arabia
31 Dec 2015
In Focus: Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
Doing business in KSA? Sending employees to KSA? Not without a licence!
Saudi Arabia
16 Apr 2015
Doing Business In KSA? Sending Employees To KSA? Not Without A Licence!
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the largest economies in the Middle East and a market which has attracted more and more activity in the past six years.
Saudi Arabia
6 Feb 2015
Tax Incentives In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (the "KSA") possesses one of the largest economies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.
Saudi Arabia
11 Jul 2012
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