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Os primeiros 90 dias: o que você precisa saber antes de abrir um negócio na Costa Rica
Se você está pensando em começar um negócio na Costa Rica, aqui está tudo que você precisa saber nos primeiros 90 dias.
Costa Rica
4 Feb 2019
Cómo afectará a sus negocios la reforma tributaria de Costa Rica
Las leyes tributarias en Costa Rica están cambiando y es importante conocer y comprender las nuevas obligaciones para que su negocio permanezca en cumplimiento al operar en el país.
Costa Rica
1 Feb 2019
How Tax Reform In Costa Rica Will Affect Your Business
The tax laws in Costa Rica are changing and it is important to know and understand the new obligations so your business remains compliant when operating in the country.
Costa Rica
9 Jan 2019
Los primeros 90 días: lo que necesita saber para comenzar un negocio en Costa Rica
Si piensa hacer negocios en Costa Rica, aquí podrá leer todo lo que necesita saber para superar los primeros 90 días.
Costa Rica
10 Oct 2018
Electronic Invoicing
We would like to remind you about the obligation to implement electronic invoicing as the only mechanism accepted by the Tax Administration for the control of taxable income and deductible expenses.
Costa Rica
30 Aug 2018
Top 10 Challenges Of Doing Business In Costa Rica
Costa Rica is a promising country to do business in with high economic growth but it is not without its challenges.
Costa Rica
2 Jul 2018
"Ley No. 9024 Impuesto a las Personas Jurídicas"
Hecho generador. Estar inscritas en el Registro Nacional el 1° de enero de cada año.
Costa Rica
19 Apr 2018
Choosing A Corporate Structure To Do Business And/Or Invest In Real Estate In Costa Rica
This decision is a very wise one, and it is what we highly recommend to our clients as the first choice to be followed.
Costa Rica
19 Apr 2018
Ley de Impuesto a las Personas Jurídicas
En días recientes, los medios de comunicación han dado a conocer las generalidades de la nueva Ley de Impuesto a las Personas Jurídicas.
Costa Rica
11 Apr 2018
Annual Corporation Tax Reestablished In Costa Rica
The Corporation Tax was in effect in Costa Rica from 2012 to 2015, when it was found to be unconstitutional. Recently, after clearing the constitutional court, this tax came into effect again through Law #9428.
Costa Rica
16 Aug 2017
Noticias De Interés
Las exportaciones del país rozaron los $10 mil millones al cierre de 2016; una cifra récord que permitió reducir en $500 millones el déficit de la balanza comercial.
Costa Rica
12 Jul 2017
New Legal Entities Tax Approval In Costa Rica
On March 16th, 2017, Congress gave the final approval to Bill 19.818: "Legal Entities Law".
Costa Rica
5 Jun 2017
Exoneration Of Fines, Default Interest, Or Charges In Guatemala
The Ministry of Public Finance published the Governmental Agreement number 82-2017, which states that the President of the Republic of Guatemala has granted to taxpayers and to responsible people...
Costa Rica
5 Jun 2017
Passed After First Debate: Corporation Tax For Companies In Costa Rica (It Has Not Yet Entered Into Effect)
Yesterday, by means of a voting of 40 versus 10 in the first debate, a law was approved which contains a tax for commercial corporations and companies registered in the country.
Costa Rica
13 Mar 2017
Update On Costa Rica's Regulation For Annual Transfer Pricing
Earlier this month, the Costa Rican General Direction of Taxation (DGT or Dirección General de Tributación, in Spanish) released draft rules for annual transfer pricing for public consultation.
Costa Rica
29 Jun 2016
Tax Reform Coming To Costa Rica?
Costa Rica is currently considering reform to its income tax and Value Added Tax (VAT) legislation which could see VAT rise to 15%.
Costa Rica
2 Sep 2015
New Tax Bill's Impact On The Real Estate Industry
All of us living in Costa Rica have been following the latest news on the imminent approval in Congress of a new tax bill introduced by the Chinchilla administration which contains substantial amendments to our current tax legislation.
Costa Rica
27 Jun 2012
The Stock Company In Costa Rica (Sociedad Anonima En Costa Rica)
When investing in Costa Rica, as in other countries around the world, investors frequently find themselves facing the dilemma about which is the best option available when purchasing any type of real estate, whether to do so as a natural person, that is, in their own name, or whether to form a company, which constitutes a legal entity and all the implications that comes along with it.
Costa Rica
21 Feb 2006
The IRS’s Dirty Dozen: A Closer Look at Tax Planning
U.S. tax season has just passed. But while you’re currently thinking about it, now is really not the time to start planning tax strategies for the year gone by. The good news: it’s never too early to plan for the years ahead. Too often people give little thought to tax planning except when it comes time to filling out those annoying governmental forms.
Costa Rica
28 Jul 2005
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