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Corporate Tax Comparative Guide
Corporate Tax Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Czech Republic, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
Czech Republic
22 Aug 2019
The Proposed Reissuance Regulations: The Thirty Years' War Continues
Johnny Hutchinson could tell you, from memory, that the Defenestration of Prague occurred on May 23, 1618, and it precipitated the Thirty Years' War...
Czech Republic
7 Jan 2019
How And When Will Double Tax Treaties Be Modified? The Multilateral Instrument Will Amend More Than A Thousand Treaties
The Multilateral Instrument ("MLI") is an OECD solution aimed at preventing the tax treaty abuse of shifting profits to countries with zero or low taxation
Czech Republic
18 Jan 2018
New Czech Act On Electronic Record-Keeping Of Cash
The Czech Republic's new Act on the electronic record-keeping of cash sales becomes valid on 1 December 2016.
Czech Republic
7 Sep 2016
Real Estate Transfer Tax To Be Paid By Transferees
According to the Czech government, which is the petitioner of the amendment to the RE Transfer Tax Act, the amendment seeks to reduce the administrative burden connected with collection of the RE Transfer Tax.
Czech Republic
28 Jul 2016
New Ruling Of The Czech Supreme Administrative Court: Twilight Of Acquisition Structures?
A recent Czech Supreme Administrative Court decision invoked the doctrine of abuse of law disallowing the tax deductibility of interest on a shareholder loan in an acquisition transaction.
Czech Republic
2 Feb 2016
ECOFIN Abandons Plans For A Standard VAT Return; Czech Republic To Pilot Domestic Reverse Charge
ECOFIN's latest monthly review of VAT measures includes abandoning plans for a standard VAT return across 28 countries.
Czech Republic
11 Jan 2016
International Taxation Of Athletes
As the status of professional athletes is not regulated under Czech law, there is a need for legal interpretation on this matter.
Czech Republic
11 Nov 2015
VAT Reverse Charge Mechanism Expansion In The Czech Republic
Our VAT expert provides details of an expansion to the reverse charge mechanism - for VAT purposes - for certain crops and cereal grains in the Czech Republic.
Czech Republic
12 Aug 2015
Last Chance To Apply For More Favourable Investment Incentives
In January and February 2014, companies considering investments in the Czech Republic will have a last opportunity to apply for investment incentives under a more favourable regime that allows for a ceiling of regional investment aid for large companies of up to 40%.
Czech Republic
26 Jan 2014
Court Rules - Unrealised Exchange Gains Are Not Taxable Income
The Supreme Administrative Court ruled recently in a case brought before it by a tax payer regarding the taxation of unrealised foreign exchange gains.
Czech Republic
10 Jul 2012
VAT Change Can Make Recipient Liable
From 1 April 2011, liability for paying VAT will pass to the recipient of VAT-able supplies of goods or services in certain circumstances.
Czech Republic
7 Apr 2011
Changes To Renewable Energy Taxes And Subsidies
From 1 January 2011, various changes to renewable energy laws have come into force,
Czech Republic
12 Jan 2011
Increase In Real Estate Tax
From 1 January 2010, real estate tax has been substantially increased, with no exemption for new buildings from this date.
Czech Republic
12 Feb 2010
New Rules On Deductibility Of Interest Expenses
There has been a substantial softening in the rules governing the tax deductibility of interest expenses, including the thin capitalisation rules.
Czech Republic
30 Apr 2009
Salans Kyiv Tax Newsletter - April 2009
Ukrainian Parliament Imposes Temporary Additional Import Duty.
Czech Republic
21 Apr 2009
Tax Credit On Interest Under Residential Mortgage Loans
Salans is a full service international law firm with offices in Almaty, Baku, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Bratislava, Bucharest, Budapest, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Kyiv, London, Madrid, Moscow, New York, Paris, Prague, Shanghai, St. Petersburg and Warsaw.
Czech Republic
17 Mar 2009
Squeeze-Out Legislation Amended
On June 3 2005 Act 216/2005 on the squeeze-out of minority shareholders of joint stock companies took effect.
Czech Republic
24 Oct 2005
Exhaustion of Rights in Case of Pharmaceutical Patents and the Accession of the Czech Republic to the EU
The theory of exhaustion of rights generally says that in case of introduction of a product (medicine)in the market by the holder of the right or with his consent, the rights are exhausted and generally speaking the holder of right may not restrict any further movement of the product (medicine).
Czech Republic
27 Jan 2004
Amendment to the Act on Value Added Tax
In an effort to reduce increasing deficits in the state budget, the Czech government has prepared a financial reform, consisting in amendments of a number of tax and social security laws.
Czech Republic
14 Jan 2004
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