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A Guide To Tax Regulations In Hong Kong 2019 - 2020
While considering moving a business into a new market, one of the key consideration is that country's tax regime.
Hong Kong
2 Aug 2019
Updates For Hong Kong Country-by-Country Reporting Framework
Consistent with the OECD framework, the IRD will also be participating in automatic exchange mechanisms designed to facilitate the exchange of CbCRs between countries.
Hong Kong
15 May 2019
Asia Tax Bulletin - April 17, 2019
The past few months have witnessed a number of important tax changes, which are included in this edition of the Bulletin.
Hong Kong
2 May 2019
Deadlines Are Looming: Does Your Hong Kong Entity Need To Worry About BEPS?
A milestone in Hong Kong tax laws, the Inland Revenue (Amendment) (No 6) Ordinance 2018 introduces a formal transfer pricing regime.
Hong Kong
28 Mar 2019
Asia Tax Bulletin - Winter 2018/2019
The winter months have seen a range of significant measures in tax legislation, from tax incentives for foreign investment and various measures to promote the technology sector to building on earlier measures to increase tax collections.
22 Jan 2019
Picking The Right Jurisdiction To Capitalise On Asia's Aviation Finance Boom
The aviation finance industry continues to expand across Asia, driven by booming air travel in China, India and other regional markets, causing a growing number of aircraft lessors to look at setting up operations...
Hong Kong
6 Dec 2018
Asia Tax Bulletin - Autumn 2018
Recent months have seen a move toward rationalisation and clarification in many countries' tax legislation, as well as measures to boost investment in the information economy
22 Oct 2018
Requisitos para hacer negocios en Hong Kong
Si quiere hacer negocios en la región de Asia Pacífico, Hong Kong es internacionalmente reconocida como uno de las mejores ciudades para hacerlo.
Hong Kong
16 Oct 2018
Asia Tax Bulletin
The last three months have seen many countries fine-tuning and regulating existing tax incentives and announcing new tax incentives in accordance ...
Hong Kong
20 Jul 2018
Hong Kong Remains The Easiest Jurisdiction In Asia Pacific For Accounting And Tax Compliance
Hong Kong is the easiest jurisdiction in Asia Pacific for accounting and tax compliance, and fourth-easiest globally - according to TMF Group's Financial Complexity Index 2018.
Hong Kong
19 Jun 2018
Hong Kong Tax Environment
Hong Kong has aligned its tax policy with its growth-oriented economic goals to become one of the most tax friendly environments in the world, with just three direct taxes ...
Hong Kong
21 May 2018
Asia Tax Bulletin Winter 2017/2018
The past three months have seen many tax developments in Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, China and India. Just to pick a few
Hong Kong
15 Jan 2018
Hong Kong Set To Change Tax Policies In 2018
In her first policy address, Mrs. Carrie Lam, Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR, set out her proposed tax changes for Hong Kong.
Hong Kong
6 Nov 2017
RSM Tax Advisory (Hong Kong) Limited - Weekly Alert Issue No. 18 [2017]
Welcome to issue 18 [2017] of Weekly Alert covering technical development in taxation around the globe.
11 May 2017
Asia Tax Bulletin – Spring 2017
A new spring and many new developments on taxation in Asia
Hong Kong
12 Apr 2017
Welcome To Issue 6 [2017] Of Weekly Alert Covering Technical Development In Taxation Around The Globe.
The Government will continue to closely monitor the property market movements and the ever-changing external conditions.
27 Feb 2017
RSM Tax Advisory (Hong Kong) Limited - Weekly Alert Issue No. 5 [2017]
Welcome to issue 5 [2017] of Weekly Alert covering technical development in taxation around the globe.
6 Feb 2017
Public Consultation On Law On Cultivated Land Occupation Tax
On 16 January 2017, the MOF and SAT jointly released the Draft Law of the People's Republic of China on Cultivated Land Occupation Tax for public consultation.
Hong Kong
25 Jan 2017
MOF To Apply Duty-Free Shopping Policies To Visitor Departing From Hainan Island By Train
On 10 January 2017, the Ministry of Finance ("MOF") issued a Circular to extend the duty-free shopping policies to visitors departing from Hainan Island by train.
Hong Kong
25 Jan 2017
An Increase Of 4.8% For Annual Tax Revenue For China In 2016
On 12 January 2017, Mr. Wang Jun, the Director of State Administration of Taxation ("SAT") announced that the annual tax revenue of China for 2016 is RMB11.5878 trillions, an increase of 4.8% over 2015.
Hong Kong
25 Jan 2017
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