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Residency And Cat 2 In Gibraltar
Individuals who wish to enjoy the benefits of Mediterranean living in a beneficial tax environment may avail themselves of the Qualifying (Category 2) Individual Rules 2004 (the Rules)
12 Jul 2019
Category 2 Status In Gibraltar
Gibraltar, strategically located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, combines the Mediterranean climate and lifestyle alongside an advanced, leading international finance centre with
1 Jul 2019
Gibraltar Spanish Tax Treaty – The Impact On Individuals
The Gibraltar Spanish Tax treaty aims to eliminate uncertainty around the tax position of people who are treated as tax resident in both countries.
29 Mar 2019
Where Is The Best Country To Launch An ICO – Switzerland Or Gibraltar?
As the owner of a start-up or a crypto investor researching blockchain-friendly jurisdictions, no doubt you have already read numerous articles comparing the various crypto-friendly countries...
29 May 2018
UK To Introduce Protected Cell Companies (PCC) To Facilitate Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) Business
HM Treasury have just published the consultation document entitled "Regulations implementing a new regulatory and tax framework for Insurance Linked Securities" (November 2016).
1 Dec 2016
Hassans Announces A New Legal Precedent For Setting Gibraltar Trusts Aside On The Grounds Of A Mistake
Hassans International Law Firm has announced that a judgment on the 20th March 2015 from the Supreme Court of Gibraltar has established a legal precedent for setting Gibraltar trusts aside on the grounds of mistake.
14 Apr 2015
De-Mystifying The Rules On Residence For Spanish Taxation Purposes
What has changed? No fundamental or major sea change – the rules remain essentially the same BUT Greater fiscal pressure and generally more joined-up approach by Spanish Tax Authorities on taxation matters.
24 Jan 2014
Gibraltar Relocation - Enjoy The Benefits Of A New Lifestyle
Gibraltar is an appealing jurisdiction for individuals who wish to enjoy a Mediterranean life style.
17 Sep 2013
Investment Managers: Regulatory Overload
Few investment managers would disagree that the current state of affairs has translated into one of the most challenging periods in the history of the investment industry.
12 Nov 2012
Why Gibraltar Is The Place For You And Your Business?
There are many factors which would attract someone to relocate to Gibraltar. Situated on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, "the Rock" enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers.
31 Jan 2012
When Is A Loan Not A Loan?
The recent UK case of MJP Media Services Ltd v HMRC has highlighted the importance of ensuring that payments claiming to be loans must be made directly to the debtor for them to use as necessary and that, if challenged, taxpayers must retain and be able to produce sufficient evidence to support its case.
16 Nov 2011
Gibraltar IP Structuring Opportunities
The new Income Tax Act ("the Act"), which came into force on 1st January 2011, introduces a new corporate tax rate of 10% and various other changes to the taxation regime in Gibraltar.
4 Aug 2011
Tax Arbitrage - Book Review
Even before the global financial crisis there has been controversy about the extent to which multi-national companies (and particularly global banks) are able to minimise their tax bill - allowing for a low effective rate of tax (in some cases, substantially below the headline rate).
4 May 2011
When the Past, Present and Future Meet
‘Tax havens’ have come under considerable outside pressure over the last 10 years. As a Gibraltar legal practitioner, I took an early professional interest in writing about developments in the offshore industry and I could sense the change in the wind and prevailing currents that had propelled a handful of small jurisdictions into the forefront of international finance.
1 Nov 2010
Gibraltar Income Tax Act 2010 - Recent Developments
The last months of summer were a busy time for tax professionals in Gibraltar and, in particular, for Chris White and Albert Mena, the senior partners of Hassans’ Tax and Overseas Property Team.
20 Oct 2010
New Corporate Tax Regime Redefines Gibraltar
There are many factors which would attract someone to relocate to Gibraltar. Situated on the southern tip of the Iberian peninsula, "the Rock" enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers.
4 Oct 2010
BOOK REVIEW: "Protected Cell Companies: A Guide To Their Implementation And Use", Second Edition, By Nigel Feetham And Grant Jones. Published By Spiramus.
The first edition, published in February 2008, has already established a reputation as the original book on Protected Cell Companies (PCCs) - a growing phenomena in the insurance industry in particular.
22 Mar 2010
Gibraltar – HMRC - New Disclosure Opportunity
In 2007, as a result of HMRC receiving information from five major UK banks with offshore subsidiaries, HMRC offered an Offshore Disclosure Facility (“ODF”) which was designed to allow those people holding offshore accounts to declare those accounts and put their tax affairs in order.
21 Oct 2009
Why Gibraltar As A Jurisdiction?
The Rock’s attractions as a place to conduct international business or establish company structures have been enhanced in recent years by several developments.
14 Sep 2009
Providing Face-To-Face Service For Hassans’ Expatriate Clients
The global credit crunch and the resultant slowing of Spain’s housing market has hit tens of thousands of expatriate Britons – as well as other northern Europeans – who own holiday or retirement homes in Andalucia.
21 Jul 2009
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