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New Guidelines On Tax Exemptions For Investments In Italian Real Estate Funds
Several recent rulings concerning the tax exemption applicable to institutional investors into Italian real estate investment funds ("*REIFs*")
United States
20 Sep 2019
US Senate To Consider Loosening Restrictions On Exchange Of Information Between The US And Switzerland
The protocol proposing to amend the United States Tax Treaty with Switzerland was cleared by the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee on June 25, 2019.
12 Jul 2019
India's New Tax Treaty With Hong Kong - Implications And Opportunities
India and Hong Kong have recently signed a long awaited tax treaty which will significantly impact MNCs, funds and entrepreneurs with respect to investments and transactions between the two countries.
28 Mar 2018
UK Real Estate Tax And Non-UK Owners
The UK Government has issued a consultation paper on the tax treatment of gains accruing on disposals of non-residential real estate in the UK by non-UK residents ...
12 Jan 2018
What To Know Before Moving To Canada
Recent data published by the IRS shows that, yet again, the number of US citizens expatriating continues to be on the rise
United States
21 Mar 2017
What You Need To Know About India's 2017-18 Budget - A Global Investors' Perspective
India's 2017-18 Budget is mostly populist with a big focus on infrastructure and rural development.
27 Feb 2017
UK – UAE Double Tax Treaty Now In Force – What You Need To Know
The signing of a double taxation agreement between the UK and the UAE in April 2016 was undoubtedly much anticipated and marks a new milestone in the successful expansion of the UAE's international tax treaty network.
3 Feb 2017
A More Taxing World For UK Property Loans
In the July 2015 Budget George Osborne announced that all beneficial owners of UK residential property would be brought within the charge to inheritance tax, regardless of how that property was held.
12 Dec 2016
US Tax Implications Of Brexit - Remembering The World Keeps Turning And The IRS Keeps Coming
In the uncertain economic environment post Brexit, US citizens and green card holders living in Britain may have questions regarding how their US tax and reporting obligations may have changed.
United States
20 Sep 2016
Investing Into India: Mauritius And Beyond
Mauritius and India recently signed a protocol phasing out the Capital Gains Tax exemption available under their double-tax treaty with respect to the sale of Indian securities.
20 Jul 2016
A Tax Office In A Tax Free Country
'Never a dull moment' has probably never been more true for tax professionals than it is today. Tax is on the political agenda worldwide and the topic catches headlines in all reputable media on a near daily basis.
United Arab Emirates
20 Jul 2016
OECD Issues Final Reports On BEPS
Big change is on the horizon regarding how taxpayers doing business around the world are to be taxed.
17 Feb 2016
Proposed US Model Tax Treaty Changes – Further Limiting Treaty Qualification?
The 'special tax regime' provisions introduce a new concept to the US Model that would deny treaty benefits on interest, royalties and 'other income' if a preferential rate of tax applies to that income in the recipient jurisdiction.
United States
17 Feb 2016
Proposed Revisions To The US Model Income Tax Treaty
The US Treasury Department released proposed revisions to the US Model Income Tax Treaty (the 'Model Treaty'); the proposed changes are intended to combat treaty abuse and deny treaty benefits in certain situations.
12 Nov 2015
Russian 2015 Tax Revolution
It is important to note that a foreign company could not be treated as Russian tax resident.
Russian Federation
7 Oct 2015
6 Oct 2015
Definition Of The Russian Tax Residency For Individuals - Potential Changes?
The Russian Federal Tax Service ("FTS") has prepared a letter clarifying criteria for determining the Russian tax residency for individuals (the "Letter").
Russian Federation
25 Feb 2015
The Three Most Common Tax Traps For US Persons Moving To The UK
There are a number of important US and UK tax issues that a US citizen or green card holder should consider prior to becoming a resident in the UK for UK tax purposes.
13 Nov 2014
Planning For Deemed Domicile With Excluded Property Trusts
With 5 April only a few weeks away, it is time for long-term UK residents to think about whether they are coming up to their deemed domicile date for UK inheritance tax purposes.
14 Mar 2014
Rubik - HMRC Are On The Case
UK residents with Swiss accounts whose details have been provided to HMRC under the UK/Swiss tax agreement are now starting to receive follow-up letters from HMRC.
8 Oct 2013
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