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New Mexico Administrative Hearings Office Issues Timely Opinion Regarding State Taxation Of Subpart F Income And Dividends From Foreign Affiliates
Earlier this month, the New Mexico Administrative Hearings Office issued an opinion that addressed the questions on the minds of many state tax professionals ...
United States
24 Apr 2018
Overview Of Minnesota's Response To Federal Tax Reform
Minnesota has several bills pending that would address the Minnesota state tax implications of various provisions of the federal tax reform legislation (commonly referred to as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act).
United States
4 Apr 2018
More States Respond To Federal Tax Reform
Recently, there have been notable legislative efforts in New York, Idaho, Iowa and Minnesota.
United States
20 Mar 2018
Southeast States Respond To Federal Tax Reform And NJ Senate Leader Talks Tax Surcharge To Limit Corporate "Windfall"
Virginia and Georgia are two of the latest states to pass laws responding to the federal tax reform passed in December 2017, known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA).
United States
13 Mar 2018
Favorable Guidance From The New Jersey Tax Court On The ‘Unreasonable' Exception To The Related-Party Intangible Expense Add-Back
In a recent decision, the New Jersey Tax Court provided some long-awaited guidance on the "unreasonable" exception to the state's related-party intangible expense add-back provision.
United States
12 Jul 2017
New Jersey Issues Guidance on BEIP Grant Conversion
Businesses that wish to take advantage of the grant conversion must elect to convert the grant into a tax credit by July 11, 2016.
United States
29 Apr 2016
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