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Opportunity Or Mirage? Qualified Opportunity Zones And Cross-Border Investors
The United States Congress enacted the ‘Qualified Opportunity Zone' (‘QOZ') regime in 2017 as part of its broad package of US federal tax reform legislation.
2 Aug 2019
The UK Trust Register – Do You Need To Register?
The requirement to register a UK resident trust or a non UK resident trust that owns UK assets or has UK source income has been in place since January 2018.
2 Aug 2019
Window Of Opportunity With Opportunity Zones: Top 10 Takeaways
On Oct. 19, 2018, the IRS released much anticipated guidance regarding opportunity zone funds
United States
22 Nov 2018
Death And Taxes
Benjamin Franklin may have been right to say that both death and taxes were unavoidable, but the future of tax on death is now up in the air!
29 Oct 2018
Why Discourage Wealth When It's Never Been Needed More?
Unexplained Wealth Orders came into play at the beginning of 2018.
21 Sep 2018
Real Estate Crowdfunding Investors - Dealers Or Investors?
Real estate crowdfunding is expanding all over the country. Platforms such as Fundrise, RealCrowd, Crowdstreet and hundreds of other platforms are attracting institutional ...
United States
12 Sep 2018
Opportunity Zones, An Innovative Investment Vehicle Created By The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act
James Brockway and Ashley Slisz discuss the opportunity funds created under the new tax act to direct resources to low income communities and how an investor can take advantage of them.
7 Jun 2018
The UK Is Still A Great Place To Live
The prospect of a deemed domicile status for all UK tax purposes for those resident in the UK for more than 15 out of 20 years was met with horror by some but, now that we have the full picture...
9 Mar 2018
Update: Effect Of Senate Tax Proposal On The Art Market
As an update to our analysis of the effect of the proposed "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" on the art market, we review below the Senate Joint Committee on Taxation's Description of the Chairman's Mark of the "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" which was released on November 9, 2017.
United States
16 Nov 2017
Effect Of Proposed US Tax Bill On The Art Market
The US House of Representatives this morning released its proposed bill for the "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act." As of now, the proposed effective date is January 1, 2018 and the proposed bill...
United States
9 Nov 2017
UK Finance Bill Provisions Regarding Non-Domiciliaries
The latest set of provisions for non-doms, published in the Finance Bill 2017, are complex.
22 Sep 2017
UK Budget Analysis
As anticipated today's Budget announcement contained little of great surprise.
17 Mar 2017
Italy Introduces A Territorial System Of Taxation
Italy has recently introduced a territorial system of taxation to attract high net worth individuals, including successful individuals in the sports, arts, and fashion and design sectors...
20 Dec 2016
Italy Set To Introduce A Territorial System Of Taxation
Italy is considering a proposal to introduce a territorial system of taxation to attract high net worth individuals, including successful individuals in the sports, arts, and fashion and design sectors...
9 Dec 2016
Mark To Market Freezes - Freeze Planning In An Estate Tax-Free Environment
In the wake of the 2016 Presidential election and the unexpected November Surprise election of Donald J. Trump, who has indicated an intention to repeal the 'death tax,' the estate planning community is trying to digest exactly what a repeal of the estate tax would look like, ..
19 Nov 2016
Silver Lining In Non-Dom Reforms?
For those who will become UK deemed domiciled for income and gains tax purposes on 6 April 2017 under the 15/20 test[1] , the Consultation Document of 19 August 2016 contained some welcome good news.
15 Nov 2016
Full Steam Ahead For Non-Dom Tax Reforms
Following an extended period of consultation, more details and draft legislation has now been published with a view to the new rules taking effect in April 2017.
26 Aug 2016
Investing Into India: Mauritius And Beyond
Mauritius and India recently signed a protocol phasing out the Capital Gains Tax exemption available under their double-tax treaty with respect to the sale of Indian securities.
20 Jul 2016
UK Budget 2016 - Swiss Highlights
The run-up to today's UK Budget was dominated by rumours of major changes to the taxation of pensions which did not materialise.
17 Mar 2016
UK Budget 2016: CGT, Stamp Duty, More Anti-Avoidance And A Boost For Entrepreneurs
Against what he described as a backdrop of storm clouds gathering, George Osborne sought to deliver an upbeat Budget with a surprising amount of good news.
17 Mar 2016
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