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Развитие судебной практики по вопросам
11 сентября 2019 года ООО «Кур
Russian Federation
9 Oct 2019
Changes To Currency Control Regulations
The new Federal Law No. 265-FZ dated 2 August 2019 (the "Law 265-FZ") provides for notable changes in the Russian currency control legislation.
Russian Federation
19 Sep 2019
Обзор изменений правил валютного регулир
2 августа 2019 года Президент Российской Федерации подписал Федеральный закон №265-ФЗ (да
Russian Federation
29 Aug 2019
Regulatory & Governmental Affairs - Europanews
The European Commission has launched an anti-dumping investigation into imports of hot rolled stainless steel sheets and coils from China, Indonesia and Taiwan.
European Union
21 Aug 2019
Russia, China, Launch ‘China-Russia Regional RMB Fund' For Far East Russia & North-East China Projects
Russia and China have agreed to launch a Chinese Yuan dominated fund under the existing "Russia Direct Investment Fund" to cater for jointly financed projects in Siberia, the Russian Far East and North-East China.
Russian Federation
15 May 2019
Banking & Finance Annual Report 2018
In 2018 a number of changes were made to the Russian Civil Code, facilitating certain transactional aspects.
Russian Federation
8 Apr 2019
Execution And Interpretation Of Agreements– Recommendations Of The Supreme Court Of The Russian Federation Of 25 December 2018
On 25 December 2018 the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation ("Plenum") has adopted recommendations for the court practice on the execution and interpretation of agreements.
Russian Federation
14 Mar 2019
Insider Trading Regulation Amended: May Day 2019
The amendments (which were more than 3 years in the making) introduce a number of key changes to the insider trading regime the most important of which are discussed below
Russian Federation
12 Oct 2018
Loan Repatriation – Key Points
New amendments to Russian currency controls entered into force on 14 April 2018 (the Law), extending currency repatriation requirements to loans issued by residents to foreign borrowers.
Russian Federation
23 Apr 2018
Government Decides On "Infrastructure Mortgage"
Below we provide a more detailed description of the key measures envisioned by the roadmap.
Russian Federation
16 Mar 2018
Syndicated Loans March Ahead
Russian authorities have been looking to regulate syndicated lending for some time.
Russian Federation
8 Mar 2018
TRuble In Russia - Will Crypto Soon Be Legal Tender?
A friend's 16 year old son and his schoolmates are using pocket money to buy Bitcoin mining hardware.
Russian Federation
20 Feb 2018
Residential Property In Russia: What You Should Know Before Buying
One of the most popular and reliable ways to preserve and multiply capitals is investing in residential property.
Russian Federation
31 Oct 2017
General Overview Of The Structured Finance Market
How have changing market conditions affected the growth of the Russian structured finance market?
Russian Federation
27 Sep 2017
Transferring Immovable Property And Service Provision For Specialised Companies (SPVs) In Russia
The key to understanding how the transfer of immovable property and service provision works for specialised companies in Russia.
Russian Federation
5 May 2017
Russia Restricts Money Transfers To Countries Barring "Russian Payment Systems"
On 3 April 2017, the President of Russia signed Federal Law No. 59-FZ on Amending the Federal Law on the National Payment System (the Law).
Russian Federation
19 Apr 2017
Change Of Thin Capitalization Rules
The court noted that Chapter 25 of the RF Tax Code does not contain provisions according to which dividends not received could be treated as taxable income...
Russian Federation
16 Mar 2017
Banking And Finance. Major Russian Legislation Changes For 2016
The year 2016 saw a host of legislative changes with clear and immediate implications for the finance market.
Russian Federation
14 Mar 2017
License Fees And Customs Value: The Deferred Valuation Mechanism Becomes A Reality
On November 1, 2016, the Collegium of the Eurasian Economic Commission introduced substantial changes to the rules for applying the procedure for deferred customs valuation of goods.
Russian Federation
18 Nov 2016
International Focus - Taking Security Over Real Estate In The Commonwealth Of Independent States
For better or worse, we live in an increasingly globalised world. And in the lifetime of many businesses, there comes a time when they need to expand into new markets in foreign lands.
Russian Federation
19 Oct 2016
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