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Debt-Financed Distributions From QOF Partnerships
Islame Hosny (Associate-New Jersey) and William D. Lipkind (Partner-New Jersey) collaborated on "Debt-Financed Distributions from QOF Partnerships," an article that appeared in the June 24, 2019
United States
29 Jul 2019
Wyoming Banking Commission Releases Draft Regulations For Bank Custody Of Digital Assets
On the morning of Friday, May 31, 2019, many eyes were on the SEC in connection with their Strategic Hub for Innovation and Financial Technology (FinHub) panels on securities issues relating to digital assets.
United States
24 Jun 2019
An Expert Analysis Of The SAFE Banking Act
Ian Stewart (Partner-Los Angeles) and Ruben Espinosa (Associate-White Plains) contributed "An Expert Analysis of the SAFE Banking Act" to the June 3, 2019, issue of MG Magazine.
United States
11 Jun 2019
California Poised To Remove Prohibition On Hemp-Derived CBD In Foods And Supplements
California Assembly Bill 228 would expressly permit the retail sale of hemp-derived CBD in foods and supplements in California ...
United States
4 Jun 2019
Wyoming Cements Position As Leading U.S. Jurisdiction For Blockchain With Sweeping New Legislation
In its most recent legislative sessions, Wyoming has undertaken substantial efforts to build on the momentum created by its 2018 enactment of legislation ...
United States
7 Mar 2019
NYS DFS Guidance To Financial Institutions Servicing The Medical Marijuana Industry
In light of the rapidly evolving regulatory environment, complying with both federal and state regulations is no simple task.
United States
26 Jul 2018
What New Cyber Protocol Rules In New York Mean For Directors And Officers
The NYDFS, which is responsible for the regulation of banks, insurers and other financial institutions that do business in New York, is a leader in the United States in putting more responsibility...
United States
11 Dec 2017
Financing California's Cannabis Businesses: Public Banking Model as a State-Level Solution
The California Cannabis Banking Working Group (CBWG) is meeting this week to discuss the prospect of implementing a public banking model in California to facilitate access to financial services for marijuana-related businesses operating in compliance with state law.
United States
10 Aug 2017
New York & Colorado Propose "New" Cybersecurity Regulations for Broker-Dealers
In the wake of the promulgation of new cybersecurity regulations by New York State's Department of Financial Services, Colorado has proposed cybersecurity regulations for broker-dealers, investment advisers and other fund managers in the ever-changing privacy landscape.
United States
25 May 2017
New York Cyber Regulations Likely To Result In Increased Claims
The New York State Department of Financial Services recently promulgated cyber regulations for financial institutions that are likely to increase the risks to directors & officers, resulting in an increase in claims.
United States
13 Apr 2017
Federal Banking Regulators Propose Cyber Risk Management Standards
The proposal sets out the following principles that could dramatically expand the reach of financial industry regulators in the area of cybersecurity risk.
United States
3 Nov 2016
New York Proposes Required Cybersecurity Programs For Financial Institutions
In an unprecedented effort to protect New York State's financial services industry from cyber threats, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced a proposed regulation that requires banks, insurance companies...
United States
21 Sep 2016
New York Imposes Duty On Mortgage Lenders To Maintain "Zombie Properties" And Increases Lenders' Exposure For Premises Liability Claims
On June 23, 2016, New York State enacted legislation imposing a duty on banks and mortgage companies to maintain one- to four-family residential properties abandoned by their owners before they have foreclosed on the properties.
United States
20 Jul 2016
U.S. District Court Says No To Marijuana Industry Credit Union In Colorado
Financial institutions fear providing banking services to the cannabis industry for numerous reasons...
United States
17 Jan 2016
New Administrative Orders Amend Procedures For Creditors In Consumer Bankruptcy Cases Pending In The Middle District Of Florida
Administrative Order FLMB-2015-7 amends the Court's procedures for mortgage modification mediation (MMM) in bankruptcy cases.
United States
22 Sep 2015
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