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Are You Aware Of Bank Guarantee In UAE?
It is a comfort, which is issued by the issuing bank to the beneficiary in whose favour the guarantee is issued to cover the losses if the principal debtor fails to abide by the terms
United Arab Emirates
24 Sep 2019
How Do Legal Consultants In Dubai See Cryptocurrency?
Financial consultants, bankers and investors usually fail to understand the true concept behind investment in cryptocurrency
United Arab Emirates
2 Sep 2019
How Can You Avoid Debt In UAE?
The vast majority of residents in the UAE float through their day to day lives without really thinking about their spending standards to control our ways of managing their budget.
United Arab Emirates
2 Jul 2019
Can A Travel Ban Be Imposed On Personal Guarantors?
Would you consider being a guarantor for the loan taken by your company? In this consistently developing commercial world and progressively stringent banking and financing industry,
United Arab Emirates
24 Jun 2019
What Happens If I Bounce A Cheque?
Payments on service and product is now easier, thanks to the power of our technology which enables us to process payments thru cards, cheques, and through methods online.
United Arab Emirates
21 Jun 2019
What Is Finance Lease?
Corporate Lawyers of Dubai have elaborated the Law including the rights and obligations of lessor and lessee through this article.
United Arab Emirates
29 May 2019
UAE Legal Q&As: Bank Is Reneging On Credit Card Settlement
Question: I had run up some debts on my credit card and had arranged a settlement with the bank providing the card.
United Arab Emirates
2 Aug 2017
An Introduction To Corporate Guarantee
Strong relationships with customers remain the key to successful contractual lending and borrowing arrangements in the UAE.
United Arab Emirates
2 Sep 2014
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