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Africa Regulatory ENSight - 8 Of 2019
Law no. 13/19, 23 May - Legal Framework applicable to Foreign Nationals in the Republic of Angola
South Africa
19 Aug 2019
The Finance Of Brands
"Marketing should always be seen as an investment rather than a cost, once you know the value of your brands you can better manage them and monitor the effectiveness of the investment".
South Africa
15 Aug 2019
Africa Regulatory ENSight - Issue 8 of 2019
Legal Framework applicable to Foreign Nationals in the Republic of Angola.
South Africa
15 Aug 2019
Tax In Brief | Issue 31
the taxpayer disputed, inter alia, the correctness of additional estimated assessments issued by SARS.
South Africa
30 Jul 2019
Business in Africa: investment and intellectual property
Exponential economic development across Africa has resulted in a greater necessity for increased protection of intellectual property ("IP") assets on the continent.
South Africa
20 Jun 2019
Africa Regulatory ENSight
Approves a new regime on the entry, exit, and staying of foreign citizens in Angola; and
South Africa
11 Jun 2019
Africa Tax In Brief 12 Mar 2019
Botswana and Zambia signed the ACFTA on 10 February 2019 at the 32nd summit of the African Union in Addis Ababa, whereas the Ethiopian Council of Ministers approved the ACFTA on 2 February 2019...
South Africa
3 May 2019
Cloud Outsource Directive And Guidance Note Issued By The South African Reserve Bank
Cloud computing and offshoring of data is no longer a taboo among banks.
South Africa
8 Mar 2019
Tax Revenews - Issue 20
whether a receipt by the appellant taxpayer in respect of a lease premium was of a revenue nature or a capital nature, considered.
South Africa
27 Feb 2019
Africa Tax In Brief - February 2019
Guinea deposited its instrument of ratification for the ACFTA on 16 October 2018 and Uganda on 28 November 2018.
South Africa
18 Feb 2019
Financial Matters Amendment Bill With Amendments To The Insolvency Act Published – Financial Market Participants Have Until Just 8 February To Comment
On 1 February 2019, the South African Minister of Finance published the Financial Matters Amendment Bill (the "Bill") containing a long-awaited amendment to section 83 of the Insolvency Act, 1936.
South Africa
13 Feb 2019
FSC Sheds Some Light On Changes Brought To The Mauritian Global Business Sector
The Mauritian Government announced in its 2018-2019 budget speech major changes to be brought to the Mauritian Financial Services sector ...
South Africa
13 Feb 2019
Welcome Tax Proposals To The Debt Relief Rules
When debt is reduced or written off, certain adverse tax consequences may arise for the debtor.
South Africa
30 Oct 2018
Bill Amending The South African Insolvency Act On OTC Derivatives Published For Comment
As we have written in a number of previous articles, National Treasury, together with the Prudential Authority and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority ...
South Africa
20 Sep 2018
The Mauritian Global Business Sector Revamped
The legal framework in Mauritius is constantly evolving to keep pace with the rapidly changing economic environment.
South Africa
19 Sep 2018
How Will South Africa's Financial Sector Adapt To The Fourth Industrial Revolution?
Over the past year, South Africa has seen some significant changes impacting its commercial financial landscape.
South Africa
19 Sep 2018
Brands And Finance
The report was produced by the company Brand Finance and mentions that over the past year, the value of South African brands grew by an impressive 8% to ZAR426-billion.
South Africa
10 Jul 2018
Proposed Banks Act Amendment Bill
The proposed amendments remove this barrier and pave the way for entities such as the Postbank to register and operate as a fully-fledged bank.
South Africa
31 May 2018
Introduction Of The In Duplum Rule In Rwanda
The rule, therefore, enhances borrowers' protection from potential exploitation by banks.
6 Feb 2018
Uganda Insurance Regulatory Authority Clarifies New Bancassurance Guidelines
The Ugandan Insurance Regulatory Authority ("IRA") has released clarification on its recently published bancassurance guidelines.
23 Nov 2017
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