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Sneak Peek At A Possible Post-Brexit Prospectus And Market Abuse Regime
The government has published explanatory information on some proposed regulations that would address deficiencies in the prospectus and market abuse regimes as a result of Brexit and form part of the government's contingency planning strategy for a no-deal scenario.
6 Dec 2018
Listing Framework For Dual Class Shares - A Closer Look Into Safeguards
The subject of Dual Class Shares (DCS) has given rise to much debate in the context of public listed companies.
11 Apr 2017
Saudi Arabia Update - January 2017
As a result of the crash in oil prices in mid-2014, the Saudi government was forced to cancel projects and delay payments to some of the private sector companies...
Saudi Arabia
9 Feb 2017
Saudi Arabia Update – April 2016
The Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF), which is an affiliate of the Ministry of Labor (MOL), has proposed a new system to reward companies who meet the Saudization requirements with incentives.
Saudi Arabia
28 Apr 2016
SEC Eliminates Ban Against General Solicitation Under Rules 506 And 144A
The US Securities and Exchange Commission has adopted final rules implementing Section 201(a) of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act to eliminate the prohibition against general solicitation and advertising in offerings exempt from registration pursuant to Rule 506 and Rule 144A under the Securities Act of 1933.
United States
19 Jul 2013
The JOBS Act: An Update
A brief review of the JOBS Act, a look at recent emerging growth company filings with the SEC and an analysis of EGCs and smaller reporting companies.
United States
18 Jul 2013
"Income Fund" Returns To The Canadian Capital Markets
With the return of the "income fund" to the Canadian capital markets, you will find new opportunities to monetize, dispose of, or finance the acquisition of US oil, gas and energy assets.
16 Apr 2013
Commentary On Toronto Stock Exchange Amendments And The Proposed Amendment To Part IV Of The Toronto Stock Exchange Company Manual
On September 9, 2011, the Toronto Stock Exchange (the "TSX"), an exchange in the TMX Group, published a request for comments regarding a number of rule amendments to the Toronto Stock Exchange Company Manual (the "TSX Manual") with respect to director election practices for TSX listed issuers.
26 Dec 2012
Presentation: Technology Initial Public Offerings - Legal And Practical Considerations For Issuers Listing On The TSX
We've translated our IPO guide into Slideshare, to make it easier to review the slides and incorporate them into your own decks.
26 Nov 2012
TSX Requests Comments On Majority Voting Policy – Proposed Amendments To Part IV Of The Company Manual
On October 4, 2012, the Toronto Stock Exchange ("TSX") released a request for comments on proposed amendments to Part IV of the TSX Company Manual (the "Proposed Amendments").
24 Oct 2012
The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) Have Published CSA Notice Of Republication And Request For Comment Regarding Proposed National Instrument 51-103 Ongoing Governance And Disclosure Requirements For Venture Issuers
On July 29, 2011, the Canadian Securities Administrators ("CSA") published for comment a proposed rule and rule amendments (collectively, the "Original Proposals") proposing a new tailored regulatory regime for venture issuers.
5 Oct 2012
Letter In Response To Request For Comments Re: CSA Consultation Paper 91-405 - Derivatives: End-User Exemption
This letter is in response to the request for comments regarding Canadian Securities Administrators Consultation Paper 91-405 - Derivatives: End-User Exemption.
18 Sep 2012
Special Purpose Acquisition Corporations
The Toronto Stock Exchange (the "TSX") has adopted rules (the "SPAC Rules") permitting the listing of special purpose acquisition corporations ("SPACs") on the TSX.
9 Jan 2009
Special Purpose Acquisition Corporations
The Toronto Stock Exchange (the "TSX") has adopted rules (the "SPAC Rules") permitting the listing of special purpose acquisition corporations ("SPACs") on the TSX.
15 Jan 2007
Focus on Technology, September 2006 - Technology Initial Public Offerings - Part 2
One of the first and most important matters for an issuer to consider in preparing to make a public offering of shares is the selection of an underwriter. The underwriter plays the central role in actually selling the securities. Selecting an underwriter best suited for an issuer’s IPO begins with an evaluation of the issuer and its future plans. For example, where an issuer is part of a specialized industry, it is prudent to look for investment dealers with experience in that area.
10 Oct 2006
Focus on Technology, September 2006 - Technology Initial Public Offerings - Part 1
FMC is one of Canada’s largest and most experienced law firms in the area of securities transactions, both public and private, in a broad range of industries. Our areas of expertise include IPOs and new issues, income trust conversions and other reorganizations and restructurings, take-over bids (both "hostile" and "friendly", on "offence" and "defence"counselling boards of directors and senior management, and due diligence and other investigative processes.
10 Oct 2006
The Pitfalls Of Prospectus Forecasting
What happens when a prospectus forecast is not met? The Ontario Court of Appeal recently provided some guidance to public company directors and officers on this issue in a case where the prospectus forecast was actually achieved in the end (Kerr v. Danier Leather Inc.).
5 Jun 2006
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