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Is Healthcare And Life Sciences Procurement ‘Geared’ Up For Business Growth?
Deloitte’s 4th Annual Chief Procurement Officer global survey results, released last month, highlights the key challenges faced by procurement leaders.
27 Jan 2015
Ready, Steady, Sign: The SAO Toolkit
Under the Senior Accounting Officer (SAO) legislation, introduced in 2009, the individual responsible is required to personally certify that their company systems are fit for the purpose of reporting taxes.
22 May 2012
The Changing Face Of Retail: The Store Of The Future
The retail industry has reached a tipping point.
16 May 2012
Changes To The Cost Of Providing Company Cars And Private Fuel
A number of changes announced in this year's Budget will have an impact on the cost of company cars and private fuel to both employers and employees.
22 Mar 2012
Global Model Practice Survey 2011 - Growth Through Model Control
Deloitte’s Global Model Practice Survey (GMPS) provides insight into the maturity of model practice within financial institutions.
12 Mar 2012
Talent Edge 2020 - Building The Recovery Together
Many companies are not addressing the critical needs and potential frustrations of their employees—and often do not have a realistic picture of how employees see them, according to a March 2011 survey of employees at companies worldwide conducted for Deloitte Consulting LLP by Forbes Insights.
13 May 2011
Insurance Market Update - Non-Life Insurers, January 2011
Welcome to the January edition of the Insurance Market Update in which we focus on issues in the non-life insurance sector. In this edition we consider Solvency II and the third line of defence, internal audit.
10 Feb 2011
Treasury Matters, Issue 2
HMRC released a discussion document in March 2010 on proposed legislation targeting so-called "Group Mismatch Schemes" (GMSs).
20 Jan 2011
TECH 02/10 Guidance On The Determination Of Realised Profits And Losses In The Context Of Distributions Under The Companies Act 2006
The law about payment of dividends has remained substantially unchanged for thirty years.
26 Nov 2010
Investment Management M&A, April 2009
Many market participants remain keen to move into higher margin alternative investment sectors or to build scale in their existing area of focus.
22 Apr 2009
A Regional Perspective - Global Metals Outlook - Part Two
In response to the current economic downturn, governments around the world are taking extraordinary measures to stimulate local economies.
7 Apr 2009
Strategic Implications: Consequences And Opportunities Arising From Solvency II
Solvency II is the forthcoming risk based capital adequacy directive for European insurers. It is based on a ‘three pillar’ solvency supervisory regime akin to Basel II and seeks to introduce new rigour and risk sensitivity to the quantification of regulatory capital as well as incentivise enhanced risk management and market discipline.
19 Jul 2007
Telecommunications Predictions - TMT Trends 2007 - Part One
The telecommunications industry in 2006 experienced a balance of growth, opportunity and decline. As forecast last year, the overall number of connections grew, albeit not uniformly. The strongest growth, in developed countries, was balanced by declines in fixed-line connections in more mature markets.
16 Jan 2007
Telecommunications Predictions - TMT Trends 2007 - Part Two
Fixed telecommunications operators often provide an essential ingredient – network infrastructure – that enables and delivers a growing range of convergent services. Yet when it comes to profiting from convergence, operators have too often found themselves on the outside, looking in.
16 Jan 2007
Executive Report – The Magazine For The Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Industry - Part Two
Part Two: Middle East tourism gets set for takeoff. It’s almost a tale of two regions. From the politician’s point of view, the Middle East dominates the agenda for all the wrong reasons – the Iraqi insurgents, tension between Israel and Lebanon, concern over Iran’s nuclear threat, and the continuing terrorist attacks.
11 Jan 2007
The Cutting Edge - Sound Advice For A Sustainable Approach To Reducing Costs
Companies are undertaking cost reduction programmes at an unprecedented rate and on an ever larger scale. More than three-quarters of the FTSE 100 companies have started such a programme in the past 12 months, and almost all of those involved in them say they have been a success. But if that is really so, why do they keep on repeating them... again and again and again?
28 Nov 2006
On Best Behaviour - Sound Advice On Executing Strategy
Nothing is more important to a business than excellent execution or that it execute its strategy excellently. But how many are convinced that they do so, and how often? Very few, seems to be the answer. Our recent survey of top executives in the UK found widespread agreement that, in the words of one interviewee, there is very often a disjoint between strategy and execution.
28 Nov 2006
In Their Pockets - Sound Advice On Revenue Growth
Executives believe that the most powerful driver of growth over the next few years will be the acquisition of new customers. Obtaining and retaining new customers depends on continuous product and service innovation. At the heart of this process lie the sales, marketing and customer service functions. It is their understanding of customers and markets that will be central to the future growth of their companies.
24 Nov 2006
Corporate Fight Back - Five Disciplines To Win In M&A
Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a key driving force of today’s business environment. Few of the companies that dominate UK corporate life today have been able to make their journey without a successful history of transactions. Over the next decade, M&A is likely to remain a key issue, climbing the corporate agenda steadily.
21 Nov 2006
The Retail Review - Christmas Retail Survey 2006, Are Alarm Bells Ringing?
Welcome to our 12th annual survey of consumer and retail sector confidence. Since 1995, Deloitte has carried out this in-depth analysis of the spending habits and the underlying moods of both consumers and retailers ahead of the all-important Christmas period.
15 Nov 2006
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