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E-commerce Law
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) continues its journey to realize the Vision 2030 by creating a thriving economy that is open for business.
Saudi Arabia
12 Sep 2019
Saudi Arabia Update - June And July 2019
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) expects Saudi Arabia's non-oil growth to strengthen to 2.9 per cent based upon an increase in government spending and public confidence.
Saudi Arabia
16 Aug 2019
Saudi Arabia Update - November 2018
Welcome to our monthly update which provides a recap of recent legal developments, including finance and capital market developments ...
Saudi Arabia
30 Nov 2018
Podcast: Dynamic Changes In Resourcing Within Saudi Arabia
Companies operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are facing growing workforce regulations relating to Saudisation and challenges of developing a pool of national talent
Saudi Arabia
13 Dec 2017
Update – October 2017
Government to implement further anti-concealment (Tassatur) measures
Saudi Arabia
7 Nov 2017
An Overview Of The Industrial Sector In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia And The National Industrial Cluster Development Program
Based on a variety of export-oriented industries including oil and gas, metals and mining, logistics, agrochemicals and food and beverages, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the largest industrial output...
Saudi Arabia
2 Dec 2016
Strategic Moves For The Saudi Petrochemicals Sector
Petrochemical producers have faced a very testing last 12 months. Those based in Saudi Arabia are no exception.
Saudi Arabia
6 Oct 2016
Egypt And The UAE: The Opportunities That Lie Ahead
The recent Sharm el-Sheikh Conference has created great momentum for Egypt, which is being supported by the revival of political stability in the country...
Saudi Arabia
5 Oct 2015
Saudi Arabia's Oil And Gas Sector—An Update: Part 2
This second part of the Commentary begins by highlighting a number of indicators relevant to Saudi Arabia's oil economy.
Saudi Arabia
20 Aug 2015
Establishing A Branch Office By A Foreign Investor In Saudi Arabia
Investors are conducting extensive due diligence to ensure that they structure their investment by establishing the type of entity which best suits their commercial objectives.
Saudi Arabia
23 Jun 2015
The Landscape For Lending: The Shifting Sands Of Middle Eastern Infrastructure Investment
This paper considers the current position of infrastructure investment by the private sector in the Middle East. It reviews the impact on the pace of infrastructure development of certain trends affecting sectors in the region.
Saudi Arabia
10 Dec 2009
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