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Rating on land value may be fairer - Productivity Commission
Productivity Commission proposes that rating on land rather than capital value may be fairer and promote better outcomes.
New Zealand
13 Nov 2018
Dealing to the infrastructure deficit
Article discusses the infrastructure deficit in the world and particularly, in New Zealand.
New Zealand
14 Aug 2018
The first 100 days of Labour - for workplace law, immigration
This article looks closely at the detail and timing of the changes that can be expected from the new Labour government.
New Zealand
23 Oct 2017
Universal KiwiSaver and Variable Savings Rates - the election lines are drawn
Labour's proposals to make KiwiSaver compulsory for employees, and to vary contribution rates, raise interesting issues.
New Zealand
7 May 2014
Budget 2013 – functional, not flashy
The fiscal and economic outlook in NZ is steadier and the Treasury has managed a skinny forecast surplus in 2014/15.
New Zealand
18 May 2013
Proposed thin cap change targets taxation of foreign-owned entities
NZ Inland Revenue recently released an Issues Paper, proposing to broaden the thin capitalisation regime in New Zealand.
New Zealand
17 Jan 2013
Royalty rates review for minerals
The review seeks to apply a more consistent and transparent royalty regime to maintain international competitiveness.
New Zealand
18 Nov 2012
Building a regulatory platform for mining
Mining is central to the economic strategy but recent tragedies have shown the need for a robust regulatory framework.
New Zealand
26 Sep 2012
Putting a tight rein on Government spending
The 2012 NZ budget aims to strengthen the Public Finance Act to potentially influence the shape of all future budgets.
New Zealand
6 Jun 2012
An every cent counts budget
Budget 2012 has its hands down the sides of the couch for loose change, to bring the books back into balance by 2014/15.
New Zealand
27 May 2012
KiwiSaver changes Mark V
The KiwiSaver changes in the Budget will make the scheme more sustainable and – from 1 April 2013 – will leave employed KiwiSavers only modestly worse off in terms of their overall savings incentives. KiwiSaver will also have a stronger workplace focus.
New Zealand
19 May 2011
KiwiSaver changes - more upside than downside?
The Prime Minister today provided a little more detail on the KiwiSaver changes which will be announced in next week’s budget.
New Zealand
12 May 2011
We have lift off - Auckland Unleashed
Auckland Unleashed – the strategy which will determine the way Auckland lives, plays and does business over the next 30 years – has now been released for preliminary comment and is likely to progress swiftly from here.
New Zealand
7 Apr 2011
Government Delivers A Bold Budget
Budget 2010 will be remembered for its boldness, and for stealing a march on Australia. The Australians plan to reduce their company tax rate to 28% on 1 July 2014. We’ll be there on 1 April next year. Not enough to cause companies to cross the Tasman, perhaps, but a sign that the Government is serious about trying to close the growth gap between the two economies. The budget represents the biggest overhaul of the tax system since 1987 and has the capacity to – finally – wean New Zealanders
New Zealand
24 May 2010
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