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Blockchain And Data Privacy
What data privacy concerns should practitioners have relating to blockchain technology? Answering the question involves understanding first the personal information implicated by a specific blockchain
European Union
20 Feb 2019
HIPAA Compliant Technology And The Importance Of Encryption
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data.
United States
26 Feb 2015
AdCode 2.0: Better Business Bureau Updates Advertising Code to Keep Up With Technology
The Better Business Bureau announced last Thursday that it has amended its Code of Advertising to address the new and evolving ways in which advertisers reach consumers through technology.
United States
20 Feb 2015
Flying High: The Human Rights Implications Of Investing In Drones
Civilian application of drone technology has increased dramatically in recent years.
United States
14 Jan 2015
Mobile Phone Security: Flawed Out Of The Box?
Smartphone makers are receiving an increasing number of requests from U.S. law enforcement agencies for assistance in bypassing password protections on encrypted mobile devices seized from criminal suspects.
United States
12 Sep 2012
The Dark Cloud Of Deep Packet Inspection
Cloud computing is transforming entire industries by making massive quantities of computing power available to even the smallest companies.
United States
3 Sep 2012
White House States Support For Sen. Lieberman's Cybersecurity Act Of 2012
The Administration strongly supports Senate passage of S. 3414, the Cybersecurity Act of 2012.
United States
2 Aug 2012
Board Oversight And Cybersecurity - What Are The Risks To Your Company?
Does your board exercise proper oversight over cybersecurity risks?
United States
14 Jul 2012
Massachusetts Securities Division Issues Guidance On The Use Of Social Media By Investment Advisers
On January 18, 2011 the Massachusetts Securities Division (the "Division") issued guidance on the use of social media by investment advisers registered with The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
United States
31 Jan 2012
"Performing Due Diligence Before Signing A Cloud SLA"
My overview of some of the major issues involved in signing a cloud computing agreement can be found in searchcloudcomputing, "Performing Due Diligence Before Signing a Cloud SLA."
United States
10 Jan 2012
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