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New Tax Incentives For Investors
In the 2011 Budget (delivered on 23 March) the Government announced a number of important tax measures designed to encourage UK resident individuals to become "entrepreneurs" and invest in higher-risk unquoted trading companies and companies operating in the life science and bio-tech sector.
26 Jun 2011
Corporate Briefing - June 2011
The law and regulation affecting businesses in the UK continue rapidly to develop and present companies with opportunities and challenges.
26 Jun 2011
Government White Paper: ‘Reforming Financial Markets’
On 8 July 2009, HM Treasury’s White Paper entitled ‘Reforming financial markets’ (the ‘White Paper’) was published.
24 Jul 2009
“Salesman’s Opinion” Does Not Create Duty: JP Morgan Chase V Springwell Navigation Corp
Following the Court of Appeal’s ruling last year in IFE v Goldman Sachs, Gloster J’s detailed recent judgment in JP Morgan Chase Bank v Springwell Navigation Corporation [2008] EWHC 1186 (Comm) has affirmed the principle of caveat emptor in the capital markets.
26 Jun 2008
Avoiding Lightning Strikes - Implications Of The Sub-Prime Crisis For Directors
A lot (perhaps too much) has been written about the wider implications of problems originating in the US associated with the practice of providing so-called sub-prime mortgages to high risk borrowers with poor credit histories. There is also plenty of speculation about the potential exposures for directors, banks and professional advisers.
19 Nov 2007
Outsourcing: Getting Ready For MiFID
Investment firms need to review their outsourcing arrangements in order to ensure compliance with the new regulatory regime which takes effect next year. This article considers the background to the new regime and outlines some of the steps which firms may consider in order to achieve compliance.
28 Nov 2006
Severely Weakened HIPs
The National Association of Estate Agents, 125 cross-party MPs, the Council of Mortgage Lenders, and (Location, Location, Location) presenter Kirstie Allsopp - hardly a revolutionary force, but ultimately successful in forcing the Government to u-turn into removing the Home Condition Report (HCR) from the forthcoming Home Information Pack (HIP).
15 Nov 2006
Property Professionals’ Liability Briefing, Autumn 2006
The recent press coverage of suspected mortgage fraud is a reminder that the widespread mortgage fraud uncovered in the 1980s and 1990s is still with us and thriving. However, the bad news for valuers and insurers is that the mortgage stories making the news may only be the tip of the iceberg.
2 Nov 2006
Commercial Dispute Resolution Briefing - July 2006
Acceptance of FA rules submitting disputes to arbitration constitutes a waiver of rights under Article 6 of the European Convention of Human Rights
14 Aug 2006
The Draft Legal Services Bill
The proposed reform of legal services has already had a long history, culminating in the recent publication of the draft Legal Services Bill. In this article we give a brief overview of the Bill and assess the early reaction to it.
28 Jun 2006
Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Review: Spring 2006
In Autumn 2001 we devoted an edition of this Review to a detailed examination of the then recently published final proposals of the Company Law Reform (‘CLR’) steering group. At the time of the CLR proposals, no one imagined that it would then take another four and a half years for a new Companies Bill to be introduced into Parliament. Along the way, much has happened to alter the liability landscape for directors and therefore the precise shape of these further reforms.
19 Apr 2006
The Credit Risk Transfer Market
The Credit Risk Transfer (CRT) market, where credit risks are packaged/sold by banks to buyers of securities/loans and writers of credit insurance/derivatives is probably the fastest growing and most vibrant market in the global financial industry.
28 Jul 2004
Is There Still Life in Securitisation?
At the end of last year, Barclays Life securitised the embedded value of the whole of its life insurance business. This followed the merger of Barclays Life and Woolwich Life and the transfer of the business of Barclays Life to Woolwich Life (subsequently renamed Barclays Life Assurance Company Limited ("BLAC")) using the Part VII transfer regime.
28 Jul 2004
Mortgagees’ Duties (Again)
In the case of Den Norske Bank ASA (the "Bank") v Acemex Management Company Limited ("Acemex") the Court of Appeal decided that a ship mortgage is not inherently different from a mortgage of land. The Court repeated some of the basic principles set out in the judgment of Silven Properties Limited v Royal Bank of Scotland (the "Silven Judgment") which had been hande
14 Jun 2004
Ground Handling in China – Investors Beware
Discussion of airline contracts at use in China and the effect on investors.
9 Dec 2003
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