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The Australian Financial Review - Nick Abrahams: Data analytics is the place to be
The article includes a summary of the corporate activity in Australia in recent years around data analytics or big data.
4 Oct 2017
The Australian Financial Review – Alen Pazin - infrastructure investment
This article discusses the great potential for Australian infrastructure and the obstacles to attracting more investment.
9 Jul 2015
Re-opened tax depreciation facility for ship financing
The Government re-opened the temporary accelerated depreciation tax facility to stimulate investment in the Netherlands.
7 Nov 2013
From Rhetoric to Reality - A Critical Analysis of the Australian in the Asian Century White Paper
This is a response to early observations of the White Paper and highlights ideas on how the objectives may be achieved.
23 Dec 2012
Setback for Timbercorp Investors
The initial judgment was against investors in the class action against companies and directors in the Timbercorp group.
26 Mar 2012
Investment manager regime – draft legislation released
FIN 48 created a headache both for the offshore funds industry and the Australian Government.
9 Sep 2011
Australia - inquiry into foreign ownership of agricultural land
Foreign investment in agribusiness in Australia is becoming more restricted.
12 Jul 2011
Indonesia inward investment - An industry survey
A survey to canvass opinion from the investment community, seeking input from investors, lenders and advisers.
24 Jun 2011
Foreign Accumulation Fund Rules – More Revealed
In February 2011 the Assistant Treasurer released a further exposure draft of the foreign accumulation fund (FAF) rules. These rules are intended as specific narrowly defined anti-avoidance rules that will replace the foreign investment fund (FIF) regime.
10 Mar 2011
New tax exemption for foreign funds using Australian investment managers
On 19 January 2011 the Australian Government announced a change to the income tax treatment of investment income of foreign funds, to apply to the 2010-11 and later income years. The change is intended to make it more attractive for foreign-based funds to use Australian-based fund managers.
6 Feb 2011
Reforms encouraging investment into Australian funds and appointment of Australian managers
Australia continues to reform its tax and regulatory regime aimed at facilitating investment into Australian private equity, real estate and other funds.
6 Feb 2011
Doing business in Asia Pacific
Doing business in Asia Pacific is a comprehensive guide to the region. It reports on the business environment in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. The guide covers visas and work permits, types of business entity, policy on foreign investment, government initiatives and incentives, taxation, the workplace, health & safety, and dispute resolution. This edition was published in 2011.
9 Jan 2011
ASIC proposes increased financial requirements for responsible entities
Following the global financial crisis and a number of high profile collapses of managed investment scheme operators, ASIC recently released Consultation Paper 140: Financial Requirements which proposed a number of amendments to the financial requirements applicable to responsible entities.
27 Oct 2010
State Council's Guidelines On Foreign Investment
Welcome to this new edition of China Insight. This publication aims to keep you regularly informed of the most recent and substantial regulatory changes being introduced in China.
14 Sep 2010
Managed Investment Trust Reforms Now Law
We have previously reported on the various proposals concerning reform of the tax treatment of Managed Investment Trusts (MIT). The two main tax reforms relate to: (i) allowing MITs to make an election to treat gains and losses on the disposal of certain assets as being subject to capital gains tax (CGT) treatment, thereby allowing certain investors in the MIT to enjoy a CGT discount on gains on underlying investments, and (ii) extending the definition of an MIT so that a greater range of funds
4 Aug 2010
A New Era for Islamic Finance in Asia Pacific
Japan has been talking about Islamic finance for several years with Japan Bank for International Cooperation leading the way in terms of local research and development. However, up until recently, only a small number of Islamic finance deals have been done in this market.
30 Jul 2010
Contentious: Class Action Tsunami On The Horizon
The Federal Government has announced that it will shortly draft regulations which carve out funded class actions from the definition of "managed investment scheme" under the Corporations Act 2001. The announcement is in response to the decision of the Federal Court in Brookfield Multiplex Limited v International Litigation Funding Partners Pty Limited [2009] FCAFC 147, which found that funded class actions were managed investment schemes as defined by the Corporations Act. This announcement and
30 Jul 2010
FIRB Issues Rewrite of its Foreign Investment Policy Framework
On 30 June 2010 the Treasury issued a rewrite of its Foreign Investment Policy document (Framework). The Framework provides details on how the Australian Government applies its Foreign Investment Policy (Policy), and replaces the previous policy document issued by the Treasury in September 2009 (Previous Framework).
21 Jul 2010
When Is The Property Of A Managed Investment Scheme NOT Scheme Property
A judgment recently handed down by Rares J of the Federal Court of Australia stemming from the myriad litigation involving Timbercorp Group and their agricultural managed investment schemes provides guidance in the interpretation of the legal effect of the statutory novation procedure contained in Chapter 5C of the Corporations Act 2001 (Act). The judgment also deals authoritatively with the issue of whether a party can conclusively determine the capacity in which that party enters into a contra
19 Jul 2010
Major Tax Changes for Managed Investment Trusts
On 7 May 2010 the Government released the Board of Taxation’s Review of the Tax Arrangements Applying to Managed Investment Trusts (MITs) and its response to that Review. Significant changes have been proposed to the taxation of MITs that should reduce overall compliance costs and the tax burden of operating in the Australian environment. The Board made 48 recommendations and the Government agreed to many of them. These follow on from recent reforms giving fund managers the ability to elect ca
13 May 2010
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