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A New Implementation Of Article 22 Of Montreal Convention In The UAE
This article provides an overview of a recent judgment passed by the Abu Dhabi Courts in relation to air carriers' liability.
United Arab Emirates
23 Nov 2017
A Future Logistics Hub Of The Middle East
The growth and development of Oman's transportation and logistics infrastructure has recently received a number of catalysts with the aim of building on Oman's ability to compete with other players...
22 Nov 2017
Transportation Disputes: Can Arbitration Deliver The Goods?
The transport sector has witnessed a great deal of growth across the MENA region. Following such growth, transport disputes are naturally expected to increase.
Saudi Arabia
22 Nov 2017
Innovations And IP Protection In Transport: From Industrialization To Computerization
Evolution and improvements in technology have allowed man to travel, expand and explore far reaching territories.
Saudi Arabia
8 Nov 2017
Shaping The Future: The Future Of Transport In Dubai
The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently approved its revised Strategic Plan 2017-2021 to align with the Dubai Government's Drive Dubai (10X Initiative), the UAE National Agenda and the Dubai 2021 Plan.
Saudi Arabia
8 Nov 2017
Collision Liability Under Kuwaiti Maritime Law
In maritime law, the term 'Ship collision' is given when a physical impact occurs between two ships resulting in an accident which causes damage.
26 Jul 2017
Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre To Be Set Up In Dubai
The Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) is in the final stages of completing the rules for the first maritime arbitration centre in the Middles East: the Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre (EMAC).
United Arab Emirates
24 Jun 2015
Planned Amendments To The GCAA Regulations For Commercial And Non Commercial Air Transport Operations By Foreign Air Operators
On 23 February 2011, the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) released a Notice of Proposed Amendment (No. 2 of 2011) in relation to the regulations concerning foreign air operators within the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
United Arab Emirates
2 Jun 2011
New Maritime Law
The New Maritime Law is about to be endorsed.
United Arab Emirates
6 Apr 2011
Enforcement under the New York Convention
A commercial action was filed before Fujairah Federal First Instance Court by the owner of the vessel ("Party A") against the lessee/charterer of the vessel ("Party B").
United Arab Emirates
24 Dec 2010
The Nature Of CIF Contracts
CIF contracts include cost, insurance and freight. A CIF contract is a type of contract which is more widely and more frequently in use than any other contract used for the purposes of seaborne commerce.
United Arab Emirates
10 Dec 2010
An Insurance Company Subrogating The Insured/Consignee In A B/L Of Lading Is Bound The Arbitration Clause In Such B/L
In an action filed before the Dubai Court of Cassation, the Court held that when the Insurance Company, the insurer of goods carried by sea, pay compensation to the insured for the loss or damage, it will subrogate the insured in his right and claim towards the carrier.
United Arab Emirates
16 Nov 2010
Maritime Claims - A review of the Application of Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) joined the Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims, 1976 (the "Convention") by virtue of the federal decree No. 118/1997.
United Arab Emirates
29 Oct 2010
Jurisdiction of a Vessel - The Flag State Part 2
Following on from our article in last month’s Law Update (issue 230) regarding the significance of identifying the appropriate jurisdiction in shipping matters, this is the second part in a series of articles which will set out the qualities a ship owner should consider when choosing a flag state.
United Arab Emirates
17 Aug 2010
Jurisdiction of a Vessel - The Flag State (Part 1)
Recent events have shown the significance of identifying the appropriate jurisdiction to be imposed in respect of acts or incidents on board vessels in international waters.
United Arab Emirates
22 Jul 2010
Vessel mortgage
Vessel mortgage in the UAE is governed by the UAE Commercial Maritime Law No. 26 for the year 1981 and amendments as per law No. 11 for the year 1988 (the "Law").
United Arab Emirates
18 Jun 2010
To Rule B or Not to Rule B
Unfortunately for maritime litigants around the world, the US Courts have recently determined that it is no longer going to be as effective.
United Arab Emirates
12 Apr 2010
Maritime Collision under the Qatari Law
Maritime collision incidents crop up from time to time on some of our shores, ports or territorial waters. Although such incidents are very few, they are of concern to maritime professionals e.g., insurers, vessel owners and shippers.
30 Mar 2010
Transport Transactions
Transactions related to sea and air transportation, including the building, sale, purchase, rent, utilization, repair or maintenance of ships and planes, shall be deemed as commercial transactions.
United Arab Emirates
24 Mar 2010
Involving Interim Measures Of Relief
The Court which has jurisdiction to hear the application for precautionary attachment of a vessel to secure the payment of a maritime debt is the court in which jurisdiction the defendant is domiciled, or the asset to be arrested is located.
United Arab Emirates
23 Mar 2010
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