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More Blockchain Uses For Digital Advertisers, Software Licensees And Marine Insurers
Adledger, a consortium of ad companies in the digital media space, recently issued a free Blockchain and Advertising Special Report.
United States
22 Nov 2018
The Weekly Hill Update - October 1, 2018
Below is the federal policy team's weekly preview, published each week when Congress is in session.
United States
4 Oct 2018
New Sanctions Against Russia Have Unfavorable Impact On Defense Sector, With Carve-Outs Favoring Certain Aspects Of The Aerospace Industry
The State Department partially waived the application of certain sanctions otherwise required under the CBW Act.
9 Sep 2018
Congress' Push For Self-Driving Cars Stalls Amid Safety Questions (Video)
Congress wants to green-light federal standards for self-driving vehicles, but questions over safety and added infrastructure costs have some lawmakers pumping the brakes.
United States
14 Aug 2018
Lawmaker Introduces Infrastructure Plan, But Gas Tax Likely Roadblocks In Congress
A key House Republican on Monday released a sweeping proposal to upgrade the country's infrastructure, but the plan isn't likely to kick-start action in Congress on renovating highways and waterways...
United States
2 Aug 2018
Proposed Revisions To Jones Act Would Change Interpretation Of Vessel Equipment
United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) proposed revising nearly 30 Jones Act rulings that date back to 1976 regarding its interpretation of what constitutes "vessel equipment."
United States
12 Apr 2017
What's In A Name?
On Thursday, November 10, 2016, the Sunset Advisory Commission was called to order to announce decisions concerning the Texas Railroad Commission.
United States
22 Nov 2016
"Yes, I Agree": With A Click, Uber Drivers Can Waive Right To Bring Class Action Suits
Recently, in a major win for employers and companies that transact business on the internet, the Ninth Circuit upheld the use of arbitration class-action waivers in so-called clickwrap agreements.
United States
11 Nov 2016
CBP Increases Jones Act Enforcement
The Jones Act restricts the transportation of passengers and merchandise between coastwise points to vessels that have been coastwise qualified.
United States
24 Aug 2016
Texas Railroad Commission Sunset
The Texas Sunset Act was passed in 1977 to address the escalation of government budgets and the perception that government bureaucracy was not accountable.
United States
9 Aug 2016
Automotive Industry Organization Releases Recommended Cybersecurity Best Practices
Auto-ISAC is not alone in its efforts to address potential cybersecurity risks imposed by connected vehicles.
United States
1 Aug 2016
Off The Tracks: Quantifying Potential Monetary Exposure From Crude-By-Rail Incidents
This article is the second in a three-part series that began with "Off the Tracks: A Data-Driven Analysis of Crude-by-Rail Liability Factors, Exposure, and Potential Solutions," which was published on December 19, 2015.
United States
11 Mar 2016
Legal Developments In Connected Car Arena Provide Glimpse Of Privacy And Data Security Regulation In Internet Of Things
The connectivity necessary for providing the features offered by Connected Cars may pose privacy and security dangers and vulnerabilities.
United States
5 Feb 2016
Off The Tracks: A Data-Driven Analysis Of Crude-By-Rail Liability Factors, Exposure, And Potential Solutions
Crude oil prices are now approaching what pundits believe is likely to be the bottom phase in the current market cycle.
United States
31 Dec 2015
Crude-By-Rail Update: Siting A Crude Oil Transloading Terminal In California? Developers Should Seek Old Industrial Sites And Proactively Embrace The Environmental Impact Review Process
Proposed crude-by-rail (CBR) projects in California increasingly face opposition lawsuits designed to stall and derail the terminals.
United States
26 Nov 2015
Managing Anti-Corruption And Export Control Risk In The Aerospace Industry
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) have made no secret of their goal to heighten both civil and criminal enforcement of the FCPA.
United States
10 Jul 2015
Crude-By-Rail Update: The DOT's Final Rule Is Out—How Can Producers And Midstream Transporters Comply With The New Classification Standards?
On May 1, the Department of Transportation—through its operating agencies the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration and the Federal Railroad Administration—issued its final crude-by-rail rule.
United States
12 May 2015
Keystone XL's Opponents Won't Derail Canadian Oil Trains To The Gulf Coast
Complex politics impede pipeline projects, but the market is squeezing crude south via the expanded Seaway pipeline and by rail.
United States
1 May 2015
California Crude Trains: How Much Oil Is Actually Coming In And Where Is It Coming From?
California has become ground zero for legal opposition to crude-by-rail projects. Opponents decry derailments, toxic vapors, and other ills.
United States
30 Mar 2015
Crude-By-Rail Update: What To Expect From Recent Crude Oil Derailments
These are uncertain and stressful times for all involved in the transportation of crude oil by rail.
United States
23 Feb 2015
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