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Airline's Provision Of Alternative Accessible Website Triggers Hefty Fine Under The Air Carrier Access Act
Seyfarth Synopsis: The Department of Transportation says that an airline's provision of an accessible alternative website violates the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA),
United States
7 Jan 2019
Future Enterprises, Government Inspections, And Drones: Agencies Are Using Drones More And More For Site Inspections
Employers should be aware that OSHA and some state environmental agencies are now using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or "drones" in select inspections and investigations.
United States
28 Dec 2018
Service Animals vs. Emotional Support Animals: Ferreting Out The Truth
Seyfarth Synopsis: Is it a service animal or an emotional support animal?
United States
14 Aug 2018
FAA Rule May Permit Air Shipment Of Marijuana To Islands
Transport of marijuana in states where it is legal to islands located within the state is complicated by the fact that transportation by air generally violates federal law
United States
6 Nov 2017
Airport Active Shooter Incident — What Can Happen In Just 15 Seconds, And What Business Needs To Know
Seyfarth Synopsis: A recent active shooter incident at an international airport illustrates both how quickly an incident may be over, yet how ancillary impacts take much longer to resolve
United States
4 Oct 2017
FAA Issues Supplemental Rulemaking On Safety Management Systems
The FAA has gotten closer to a conceptual model for the safety management system requirements and standards that will be required for certified airports.
United States
23 Sep 2016
EPA Determines that Aircraft Emissions Contribute to Air Pollution and Climate Change
EPA's recent finding paves the way for the Agency to develop standards regulating greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft.
United States
12 Aug 2016
OSHA And FAA Sign Agreement On Protecting Airline Workers From Retaliation
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently completed a Memorandum of Understanding (December 1, 2015)...
United States
27 Jan 2016
Learning From A Competitive Aviation Industry
There were many important take-aways for employers in the aviation industry from the CAPA Asia-Pacific Aviation Summit that we recently attended.
19 Aug 2015
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