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Competition issues in resources projects: exclusivity in supply chains
Owners and users constantly look to improve the efficiency of the supply chain and to increase supply chain throughput.
15 Aug 2013
Transport: A New Zealand Perspective
The New Zealand maritime scene has been dominated by the consequences of the grounding of the Rena at Tauranga.
15 Apr 2013
The collision of limitation periods for in rem and in personam proceedings
This decision considered the operation of limitation of actions arising from collisions under the Admiralty Act 1988.
6 Jun 2012
Grounding of Rena in New Zealand
Although the focus has been on the potential environmental damage, the loss of cargo from the containers will be heavy.
29 Feb 2012
Trade and Transport Insurance 2011
This report discusses developments in marine and aviation insurance in Australia in 2011.
29 Feb 2012
Federal Government package to keep Australian shipping industry from being 'lost forever'
Australia has the fourth largest shipping task in the world.
15 Sep 2011
Marine Salvage: The 2011 Lloyd's Open Form
A look at the many misunderstandings about the concept of salvage and a brief reminder of what is involved.
7 Jul 2011
Allianz Australia Insurance Limited v Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales; Kelly v Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales [2010] NSWCA 328
The recent decision of the NSW Court of Appeal in the matters of Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd v Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales; Kelly v Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales [2010] NSWCA 328 considered section 43A of the Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW) (CLA), a key provision for determining the liability of public authorities which have exercised a special statutory power.
12 Jan 2011
Convenience of forum favours seamen in employment dispute under Admiralty jurisdiction
This service is a fortnightly news update providing succinct commentary on topical issues, analysis of recent cases, updates on legislative changes as well as issues for the transport industry. Where cases from outside Australia and New Zealand are discussed, we aim to explain the differences in approach in our jurisdictions.
New Zealand
26 Nov 2010
Container Detention Charges Decision Sparks Debate
The New South Wales Consumer, Trader & Tenancy Tribunal’s recent decision in D V Kelly Pty Ltd v China Shipping (Australia) Agency Co Pty Ltd [2010] NSWCTTT 136 has caused considerable debate and cast doubt over the enforceability of container detention charges. The case concerned the distinction between liquidated damages and penalty clauses in contracts, and has already caused ripples throughout the entire Australian shipping industry.
27 May 2010
Can A Master’s Behaviour Disentitle Carriers From Relying on A Hague-Visby Defence?
A discussion on Article 4 rule 2(a) of the Hague Visby Rules and its use as a defence when challenged by a Master's behaviour. A discussion on the allocation of responsibility between the carrier, the ship and the cargo interests.
23 Apr 2010
Recent Cases - At the Courthouse
CGU Insurance Ltd, major engineering, wilson v vision personal training, cases, insurance
29 Mar 2010
Changing employment conditions in the maritime industry
The introduction of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), associated regulations and a new industry-specific Award will result in significant changes to the labour arrangements of Australian ships and foreign ships operating within Australian waters. Specifically, Australian workplace relations laws will extend their coverage to include all vessels except for those foreign crewed ships which only intermittently operate in Australia.
22 Dec 2009
Significant Decision On Limitation Of Liability
The recent case of “Qenos Pty Limited v Ship ‘APL Sydney’” [2009] FCA 1090 throws light on the issues of consequential loss claims for pure economic loss and the meaning of ‘infringement of rights’ under the Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims 1976.
23 Oct 2009
Welcome To The Rotterdam Rules - Will ´The Sky Fall In´?
Love them or loathe them, the Rotterdam Rules relating to sea carrier liability are now on their way.
8 Oct 2009
COAG Backs Major Changes In Transport Safety Regulation
The decision by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) earlier this month to establish new national regulatory arrangements for rail, road and marine safety represents a significant expansion of Commonwealth involvement in areas traditionally within the State and Territory sphere.
20 Jul 2009
Luxury Pleasure Craft – Damages For Loss Of Reputation And Loss Of Enjoyment
When a commercial vessel is damaged it is common for there to be a claim for loss of hire or profit from the operation of the vessel. Private pleasure craft do not generally give rise to the same losses.
23 Jun 2009
´Inherent Vice´ And Inevitable Loss Reconsidered
A recent decision of the English Commercial Court provided an opportunity for reconsideration of the law of inherent vice and the concept of inevitable loss in marine insurance. The case creates no new law but reaffirms the decision of the House of Lords in Soya GmbH Mainz KG v White [1982] 1 Lloyd's Rep 136.
18 May 2009
Maritime New Zealand v Birchall: Court Broadens The Definition Of ´Master´ In Maritime Law
In Maritime New Zealand v Birchall [2009] NZCA 119, the Court broadened the definition of 'Master' when it determined that the First Mate temporarily in command of a vessel was responsible in the capacity of Master to report an accident.
New Zealand
27 Apr 2009
Trade & Transport Bulletin - Shipping And Climate Change Impacts
Climate change is a significant issue for the shipping industry in Australia and worldwide.
21 Apr 2009
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