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Road Traffic: Liability Apportionment Where Claimant's Speed Was ‘Grossly Excessive'
The High Court has provided guidance on the apportionment of liability where the Claimant's speeding motorcycle collided with the Defendant, who was attempting to complete a right turn when exiting a car park.
15 Aug 2019
Confused About Driving With Dementia?
One in three people with earlier-stage dementia still drives, and it is critical for those diagnosed with dementia to their quality of life and dignity.
16 Jul 2019
Road Traffic Act: Government Declares Intention To Amend Section 152
The Government has confirmed that changes to the Road Traffic Act, specifically section 152(2), will come into effect on 1 November 2019.
European Union
12 Jul 2019
Highways Act: Root Cause Of Claimant's Injury Provides Pathway To Appeal Success
The High Court has ruled that in order for a path to be considered a highway maintainable at public expense it need not have been constructed by a highway authority for that purpose
10 Jul 2019
Road Traffic Act: Court Of Appeal Dismisses MIB Appeal Regarding Accidents On Private Land
The Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal by the Motor Insurers Bureau ("the MIB") against a High Court decision which extended the liability of the MIB
European Union
21 Jun 2019
The Establishment Of The Land Transport Regulatory Authority
In this briefing, we outline the highlights of the Land Transport Regulatory Authority Act No. 3 of 2019 (the LATRA Act) which came into force on 29 April 2019 via the Land Transport Regulatory
27 May 2019
Insurance Post's Motor Insurance Research 2019
The Insurance Post's Motor Insurance Research for 2019 was recently released
9 May 2019
Supreme Court: Motor Insurer Not Liable For Fire Damage Caused By Policyholder Repairing Vehicle
The Supreme Court has held that vehicle repairs on private property are not considered 'use' of the vehicle for the purposes of the Road Traffic Act.
8 Apr 2019
Motor Insurance Directive: Advocate General Gives Opinion On ‘Use Of Vehicles' And Parked Vehicles
Advocate General Bot of the European Court of Justice recently concluded that a property fire caused by an electrical fault in a stationary vehicle parked in a private garage fell within the definition
European Union
28 Mar 2019
Cameron: Supreme Court Finds Claimant Not Entitled To Claim Against Unnamed Defendant
In extremely positive news for insurers, the Supreme Court has unanimously allowed the appeal of Liverpool Victoria, finding a claimant is not entitled to bring a claim against an unnamed driver.
27 Feb 2019
Road Traffic: High Court Provides Guidance On Liability Apportionment For Collision At A Junction
The High Court recently provided helpful guidance on the issue of liability where a vehicle exiting a minor road had collided with a motorcycle ...
8 Feb 2019
Motor Claims - 2018 In Review
After the turbulence of 2017, legislative developments in the motor arena moved up a gear in 2018, providing motor insurers and legal representatives with much more certainty for the future in respect of large loss claims, and the volume motor sphere.
21 Jan 2019
Autonomous Vehicles Will Move Closer To Becoming A Reality
But public scrutiny over safety concerns will not let up.
7 Jan 2019
Autonomous Vehicles Will Gain Traction In The US In 2019
Public concern over safety unlikely to impact long-term acceptance.
United States
14 Dec 2018
Motor Insurance Directive: European Parliament Releases Draft Report On REFIT Consultation
Report proposes restriction of compulsory cover to vehicles used in traffic and exclusion of motor sport
European Union
15 Nov 2018
Richards v Secretary Of State For Transport: Request For Stay
Judge rejects request for a stay pending MIB appeal in another case
14 Nov 2018
World Town Planning Day And Budget 2018
Today is World Town Planning Day, which highlights the importance of town planning in creating sustainable communities and places
13 Nov 2018
Civil Liability Bill Passes Through Commons Unscathed
The Civil Liability Bill has passed through the House of Commons following rejection of amendments proposed by Labour.
26 Oct 2018
Lewis V Tindale: Uninsured Drivers On Private Land
Was the Motor Insurers' Bureau ("the MIB") required to meet any judgment in the claimant's favour under the Road Traffic Act 1988? Soole J held not. Under the Uninsured Drivers Agreement 1999,
European Union
8 Oct 2018
Road Traffic Act: Scope Of MIB Liability For Accidents On Private Land Considered
The High Court has extended the liability of the MIB, requiring it to meet claims for uninsured motor accidents which occur on private land.
European Union
1 Oct 2018
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