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Marine, Energy Trade Notes September 2011 Issue 30
The Marine, Energy and Trade team publish a regular newsletter, the Marine, Energy and Trade notes, in which recent legal developments are reviewed: new case law, changing legislation, and new areas of potential liability.
26 Sep 2011
Court Rules On The Meaning Of A 100 Per Cent Notation In An Energy Reinsurance Policy
Two different views on the meaning of the term "100 per cent" in an energy facultative reinsurance policy were examined by the Commercial Court.
15 Sep 2011
Energy White Paper
On 12 July 2011 the Government published its White Paper "Planning our electric future: a White Paper for secure, affordable and low-carbon energy" (the White Paper) as the formal Government response to the Electricity Market Reform consultation in December 2010.
15 Aug 2011
Energy National Policy Statements Published By DECC
On 23 June 2011 the Department of Energy and Climate Change published the finalised Energy National Policy Statements (NPSs). This follows an initial consultation on the first draft of the Energy NPSs between November 2009 and February 2010 launched by the previous Government and a second consultation on the revised draft Energy NPSs between 18 October 2010 and 24 January 2011.
21 Jul 2011
Energy National Polic Statements Published By DECC
On 23 June 2011 the Department of Energy and Climate Change published the finalised Energy National Policy Statements (NPSs).
17 Jul 2011
Microgeneration Strategy Published By DECC
On 22 June 2011 the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) published a Microgeneration Strategy (Strategy) along with the Microgeneration Government-Industry Contact Group Action Plan (Action Plan).
3 Jul 2011
DECC Confirms FITs Cut - Is There A Silver Lining?
On 18 March 2011, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) launched a consultation on reducing financial support for larger-scale solar electricity generation projects.
27 Jun 2011
Macondo One Year On - Rules, Indemnities And Insurance
Reactions to last year’s Gulf of Mexico oil disaster continue to redefine regulatory, commercial, insurance and other arrangements in the shallow and deep water oil and gas industry, internationally.
27 Jun 2011
South Africa - Feed-In Tariff Cuts Proposed
On 22 March 2011, the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) published a consultation paper which proposes a material decrease in the level of renewable energy feed-in tariffs (REFITs) when compared with those approved and promulgated in 2009.
South Africa
12 Apr 2011
DECC Proposals to Protect FITs Scheme
On 18 March 2011, proposals to reduce the financial support available to larger scale solar electricity generation projects were published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), as part of plans to protect micro-generation financial support for homes, communities and small businesses.
5 Apr 2011
2011 Budget – Implications for the UK’s Energy Sector
On 23 March 2011 the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, delivered his Budget statement to the House of Commons.
5 Apr 2011
Spending Review 2010: Swings And Roundabouts For The Renewable Energy Sector?
The chancellor, George Osborne, has outlined the Government’s spending plans for the next four years, including those for the Department of Energy and Climate Change ("DECC").
26 Oct 2010
Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill:Likely Impact On UK Regulation And Contractual Arrangements
The Gulf of Mexico oil spill resulted in a temporary moratorium on deepwater drilling and implementation of new regulation in the USA. Consequential organic changes to UK regulations are unlikely but more importance on the interpretation of existing regulations through continued and improved technical guidance is evident combined with greater enforcement of existing regulations.
20 Oct 2010
Local Authorities – Renewable Energy Generation
The UK's commitment to achieving a 20 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 may be raised to 30 per cent (driven in part by reduced energy consumption from the recession).
17 Aug 2010
UK Renewable Heat – Funding in "FITs" and Starts
The Department of Energy and Climate Change’s recent consultation on the proposed Renewable Heat Incentive scheme (RHI) said that: "A decision on how the RHI will be funded will be made at Budget 2010.
6 Jul 2010
UK Gas Storage - So What if the Government Doesn’t Build Strategic?
With declining indigenous swing gas production available, the UK is argued to be lagging in terms of gas storage capacity and hence security of supply. Query whether the proposed "demand management approach" to gas storage is the right solution for the UK and its aspirations for a liberalised European gas market
24 May 2010
Coalition Speaks on Energy (again) – Devil in the Detail
Following the brief UK government coalition statement published on 12 May, further details were added in another coalition publication on 20 May. Despite a re-ordering and tidying, little extra substantive flesh is added to energy policy upon a first reading but the devil may be in the detail.
21 May 2010
Coalition Energy Policy - Possible Contradiction but Brimming with Opportunity
Liberal Democrat Chris Huhne is appointed Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change in the new coalition government, ahead of the energy-experienced Conservative shadow energy minister, Charles Hendry.
14 May 2010
Energy Round-Up: UK Election Result, May 2010
Once the insecurity of uncertainty from a hung parliament abates, so the energy investment community will get back to the business of assessing the consistency of UK energy policy.
7 May 2010
Asbestos Update
(Re)insurers will welcome recent clarification in the long-running pleural plaques and Employers' Liability 'Trigger Litigation' cases.
20 Apr 2010
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