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Bribery Offences
The Crimes Act 1961 (CA) is the key piece of legislation governing bribery in New Zealand.
New Zealand
21 Aug 2019
Directors liability in the spotlight
The High Court sent a strong message to directors against the dangers of companies continuing to trade whilst insolvent.
New Zealand
6 Apr 2019
Directors and officers (D&O) insurance and criminal conduct
One of the main benefits of D&O insurance is the cover for defence costs in civil, criminal and regulatory proceedings.
New Zealand
3 Sep 2018
Bespoke regime for unwinding Ponzi schemes
The Government is moving to create a special regime to unwind Ponzi schemes in a way which is fair to all investors.
New Zealand
22 May 2018
Inmates Using Nicotine Lozenges As Currency
In New Zealand, prisons were made smoke-free in 2011, and nicotine-replacement-therapy lozenges are now offered to inmates with nicotine addictions.
New Zealand
3 May 2018
AML/CFT supervisors release updated guidelines for reporting entities
New guidelines for reporting entities under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism regime.
New Zealand
20 Dec 2017
Bribery is an offence – even if there is no attempt to influence
Bribing a public official is an offence, even if there is no specific intent to influence the official's decision-making.
New Zealand
18 Dec 2017
Compliance, regulation is not the problem; Behaviour and culture are ...
This is a review of a number of recent cases involving corporates caught in what may be described as corrupt behaviour.
New Zealand
31 Jan 2017
Liquidator fabricated key document – High Court
The finding that a liquidator fabricated a key document, highlights the need for regulation of the insolvency profession.
New Zealand
29 Jul 2016
Match-fixing and corruption in sport and sponsorship agreements - Protecting your commercial position
The article reviews the consequences of match-fixing and how sponsors can be protected in their sponsorship agreements.
New Zealand
27 Mar 2016
Fighting organised crime and money laundering
This new Bill forms part of the "all of Government" response programme to prevent calculated, serious crimes for profit.
New Zealand
22 Dec 2015
New Organised Crime and Anti-corruption Legislation regime
The bill has been split into 15 amendment Acts and will bring New Zealand into line with international conventions.
New Zealand
13 Nov 2015
Substance over form in equitable tracing for victims of fraud – Privy Council
A recent UK judgment may make it easier for victims of fraud to trace property through complex money laundering schemes.
New Zealand
29 Sep 2015
Hitting cricket match fixing for 6
New Zealand, although devastatingly unsuccessful in the Cricket World Cup 2015 final, did hit match-fixing for six.
New Zealand
9 Sep 2015
Top UK Court underscores focus on bribery and corruption
This decision resolves a question which has been long-unsettled in UK law and brings the UK into line with New Zealand.
New Zealand
31 Jul 2014
Long journey but okay result on vexed directors' crimes issue
A workable solution to the vexed directors' crimes provisions in the recently passed Companies Amendment Act.
New Zealand
29 Jul 2014
Property: Make sure it's a first house and not a P house
When meth is manufactured or used, a wide range of poisonous, explosive, and extremely flammable chemicals are used.
New Zealand
23 Jul 2014
Organised Crime and Anti-corruption Bill introduced
The Billl will bring New Zealand into line with international convention.
New Zealand
1 Jul 2014
Market manipulation – a suspect form of human ingenuity
The case sheds light on how NZ courts could interpret market manipulation prohibitions as they apply to on-market trades.
New Zealand
7 Aug 2013
Anti-Money Laundering Act Deadline Looms
The Act has a range of sanctions for non-compliance, from warnings to injunctions, substantial fines and imprisonment.
New Zealand
5 Apr 2013
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