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Russische Staatsduma nimmt neue Gegensanktionen mit in die Sommerpause
Bis zum Ende der Frühjahrssitzungsperiode am 28. Juli 2019 wurden drei neue Gesetzesentwürfe zu Gegenmaßnahmen zu den Russlandsanktionen in die Staatsduma eingebracht.
Russian Federation
31 Jul 2019
Russian State Duma Takes New Counter-Sanctions Into Summer Break
Legal entities which, directly or indirectly, control or are controlled by the above legal entities.
Russian Federation
31 Jul 2019
Moscow Corporate Crime And Investigations Newsletter – July 2019
This newsletter summarises recent Russian regulation, enforcement and court practice developments which may be relevant for doing business in Russia from a corporate crime and investigations perspective.
Russian Federation
25 Jul 2019
Vergleich der Antikorruptionsgesetzgebungen Russlands und anderer ehemaliger Sowjetrepubliken - Aserbaidschan, Kasachstan, Kirgistan, Turkmenistan und Usbekistan
Ermittlungsverfahren von US-amerikanischen und europäischen Strafverfolgungsbehörden sowie der Weltbank haben den Blick auf von internationalen Unternehmen in Russland und anderen ehemaligen Sowjetrepubliken, ...
16 Jul 2019
Comparing The Anti-Bribery And Corruption Legislation Of Russia And Other Former Soviet Republics - Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, And Uzbekistan
Enforcement actions by U.S. and European enforcement agencies as well as the World Bank have drawn attention to bribery offences committed by multinational companies in Russia and other former Soviet republics, in particular in Central Asia.
16 Jul 2019
Anti-Corruption Guidance In Russia: What's A Company To Do?
Anti-corruption has been a hot topic in Russia for some time.
Russian Federation
22 May 2019
Unternehmenshaftung für Korruption in Russland: Strafverfolgung und Entwicklungen 2018/2019
Am 21. März 2019 hat die russische Generalstaatsanwaltschaft die Zahlen zur Verfolgung von Unternehmen für Korruptionsdelikte in 2018 veröffentlicht.
Russian Federation
23 Apr 2019
Corporate Liability For Corruption In Russia: Enforcement And Developments 2018/2019
On 21 March 2019, the Russian general prosecutor's office published the corporate bribery enforcement statistics for 2018.
Russian Federation
9 Apr 2019
Russian Telecommunications Company Settles FCPA Charges
A Russian telecommunications services company Mobile TeleSystems PJSC ("Mobile") agreed to settle SEC charges that it violated the anti-bribery, books ...
19 Mar 2019
Russia Continues Anticorruption Efforts In 2019
Russia continues its anticorruption efforts in 2019. These efforts build upon numerous convictions last year.
Russian Federation
28 Jan 2019
Fallstricke bei unternehmensinternen Ermittlungen in Russland
Unternehmensinterne Ermittlungen in Russland tangieren streng regulierte Rechtsbereiche. Hinzutreten zahlreiche praktische Herausforderungen.
Russian Federation
16 Jan 2019
Neue Tendenz in Russland – Vorstandshaftung für Unternehmensstrafen
Das ohnehin schon hohe persönliche Haftungsrisiko von Vorständen und Geschäftsführern in Russland wird dadurch noch einmal verschärft.
Russian Federation
28 Nov 2018
New Tendency In Russia – Director Liability For Corporate Fines
This further increases the already high personal liability risk for the management in Russia.
Russian Federation
28 Nov 2018
Russland ermöglicht Unternehmen Selbstanzeige von Bestechung
In Russland tätige Unternehmen können sich nun durch Selbstanzeige bei den russischen Strafverfolgungsbehörden von der Haftung für Bestechungsdelikte befreien.
Russian Federation
22 Aug 2018
Russia Adopts Rules For Companies To Self-Report Bribery
Companies operating in Russia can now exclude themselves from liability for bribery by way of self-reporting to the Russian law enforcement agencies.
Russian Federation
22 Aug 2018
State Duma Considering Criminal Or Administrative Penalties For Compliance With Sanctions Against Russia
On 15 May 2018 the State Duma of the Russian Federation passed a bill imposing criminal liability for complying with or contributing to anti-Russian sanctions (the "Bill" ) at its first reading.
Russian Federation
11 Jun 2018
Corporate ABC (Anti-Bribery And Corruption) Report 2017
ABC (anti-bribery and corruption) enforcement in Russia and the former Soviet republics in 2017 was marked by foreign multinational actions against international companies for large-scale offences.
Russian Federation
5 Apr 2018
Sham Trusts, The High Court And "Putin's Banker"
On 11 October 2017, the High Court released its latest judgment in the long running saga between Mezhprom Bank and its liquidator, the DIA, and Russian businessman Mr Sergei Pugachev ..
European Union
8 Nov 2017
Tax And Law-Enforcement Agencies To Co-Operate More Over Tax Control
Goltsblat BLP advises that the Russian Ministry of Justice has registered Order No. 317/ММВ-7-2/481@ of the Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Tax Service dated 29 May 2017, ...
Russian Federation
6 Nov 2017
Business Crime 2018
Only state prosecutors and victims (albeit to a very limited extent) can act as prosecutors before the Russian courts.
Russian Federation
30 Oct 2017
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