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Redemptions From Fraudulent Investment Funds
The collapse of an investment fund affected by a fraud will often lead to disputes between the investors who were paid out before the discovery of the fraud, the investors who gave notice to redeem ...
British Virgin Islands
20 Sep 2019
Business Crime 2019: BVI
There is no bar on private prosecutions for the vast majority of criminal offences; therefore, in theory, any authority or private party may prosecute.
British Virgin Islands
19 Sep 2018
International Comparative Legal Guide Business Crime 2018: BVI
In this Q&A article Arabella di Iorio and David Welford provide insight into business crime and regulations as it relates to the British Virgin Islands. Topics include criminal law enforcement, particular statues and crimes, investigations, and appeals.
British Virgin Islands
14 Sep 2017
Put Your Tax Havens In Order, America
The United States champions itself as a nation policing the rest of the world, preventing money laundering, tax evasion and foreign corrupt practices.
British Virgin Islands
25 Aug 2017
'Snow Washing' Assets Is A Black Mark
My law firm seeks to recover assets stolen by international fraud and grand corruption.
British Virgin Islands
25 Aug 2017
And Cayman Islands – Litigation Wrap-Up 2016
The BVI and Cayman Courts are usually the work horses of the Caribbean international financial centres. 2016 proved to be no different.
British Virgin Islands
30 May 2017
Cyprus Market Abuse Law - PDMRs And Closed Periods
On 14 October 2016, Cyprus enacted the Market Abuse Law No. 102(I)/2016 (the Law) implementing the Market Abuse Regulation 596/2016 (MAR) and abolishing the previous legislation.
British Virgin Islands
20 Jan 2017
Senior Commercial Litigator Joins Ogier's BVI Partnership
The second major hire for Ogier in the last two months, the appointment of Nicholas Burkill takes the firm's global partnership to 52...
British Virgin Islands
2 Nov 2016
Business Crime 2017: British Virgin Islands
What authorities can prosecute business crimes, and are there different enforcement authorities at the national and regional levels?
British Virgin Islands
20 Oct 2016
Onshore vs Offshore – Is There Really A Battle?
The issue of offshore jurisdictions and the role they play in the global economy has come under extreme scrutiny, especially from onshore governments seeking to increase tax revenues.
British Virgin Islands
6 Sep 2016
Disclosure Of Information In The BVI
Disclosure orders constitute a very powerful weapon for the tracking down and recovery of assets.
British Virgin Islands
20 Apr 2016
Confidentiality In The BVI: What Records Are Available?
Despite the popular myth of the secrecy of BVI companies, the reality on the ground paints a different picture.
British Virgin Islands
20 Apr 2016
Grand Court Orders The Repayment Of Redemption Monies: Preferences And Clawing Back Redemption Payments
Weavering Macro Fixed Income Fund was placed into liquidation in March 2009 after it was revealed that the Fund's main asset, being a basket of interest rate swaps entered into with a related entity, were worthless.
British Virgin Islands
16 Mar 2016
Norwich Pharmacal Relief - Obtaining Information Relating To A BVI Company From Its Registered Agent
Where there is a strong case of fraud, a claimant will often be concerned that the fraudsters will dissipate their assets quickly if they know that the claimant has identified the BVI company as involved.
British Virgin Islands
14 Mar 2016
Business Crime International Comparative Legal Guide 2016: BVI
this Q&A article Arabella di Iorio and David Welford provide insight into business crime and regulations as it relates to the British Virgin Islands.
British Virgin Islands
28 Oct 2015
BVI Asset Tracing: Looking Forward And Backward
If a wrongdoer spends his ill-gotten gains, is the claimant effectively limited to recovering a maximum sum from a subject bank account?
British Virgin Islands
27 Aug 2015
Claims By Insolvent Companies Against Fraudulent Directors
On 22nd April 2015, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom gave judgment in Jetivia SA v Bilta UK Limited (in liquidation) [2015] UKSC 23.
British Virgin Islands
27 Jul 2015
Asset Tracing In The British Virgin Islands
In this article, we will discuss some of the tools available to a party in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) to seek to recover property, or proceeds of property, which have been misappropriated.
British Virgin Islands
30 Jun 2015
Business Crime Guide 2015: British Virgin Islands
This article appeared in the 2015 edition of The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Business Crime; published by Global Legal Group Ltd, London in October 2014.
British Virgin Islands
19 Nov 2014
UK Privy Council Decision On Fund Redemption Process In Fairfield Sentry Limited
Readers will no doubt be familiar with Bernard L. Madoff's Ponzi scheme perpetuated through his firm Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC.
British Virgin Islands
19 May 2014
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