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Open Banking, Open Risk? Managing Financial Crime In A Disrupted World
The financial services industry is changing faster than any other time in the last half century.
7 Dec 2017
On Your Radar? Preparing For The New HMRC Corporate Criminal Offence (Video)
The UK Government has introduced two new ‘corporate criminal offences', enabling the easier prosecution of businesses which fail to prevent the facilitation of UK or overseas tax evasion.
23 Feb 2017
The Deloitte Consumer Review - Consumer Data Under Attack: The Growing Threat Of Cyber Crime
Welcome to the latest edition of the Deloitte Consumer Review. This edition focuses on cyber crime and security for consumer businesses.
19 Jan 2016
The People Dimension Of Digital: Why Police Forces Need To Get It Right
The founding principles of policing are as true and necessary today as they ever were. But the realities and pressures of the 21st century call for a new, digital way of operating.
24 Jul 2015
The Frontline Of Leadership: A Policing Perspective
There's a growing recognition that simply reinforcing what we already know about leadership in policing may not prepare the sector for the challenges which lie ahead.
6 Jul 2015
The Digital Policing Journey: From Concept To Reality - Realising The Benefits Of Transformative Technology
The founding principles of policing, as defined by Sir Robert Peel, are as true and necessary today as they ever were.
20 May 2015
FCA Thematic Review - AML And ABC Systems And Controls: Asset Management And Platform Firms
The latest Financial Conduct Authority thematic review, published on 31 October, provides an assessment of the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Bribery and Corruption systems and controls across asset management and platform firms.
11 Nov 2013
Fraud Is On The Board Agenda, But Companies Know They Must Do More
An increase in the vulnerability to fraud, but not necessarily an increase in the use of analytics and fraud risk assessments.
14 Nov 2012
Joining The Dots. An Integrated Approach To Tackling Financial Crime
Financial crime approaches have become disconnected because many firms are essentially 'brown-field environments', in which activities have evolved as tactical responses to incremental changes in the external regulatory environment.
16 May 2012
Reducing Fraud & Error In The Public Sector
According to the National Fraud Authority, the public sector lost £21.2bn through fraud in 2010, accounting for 55% of all fraud loss in the UK. This covers tax fraud, which accounts for the bulk of losses, but also illegal practices in the benefit system, procurement processes and expenses.
15 Mar 2012
Is Your House In Order? The UK Bribery Act And Adequate Procedures
One of the most significant elements that the UK Bribery Act introduces is the ‘corporate offence’ which extends the reach of UK enforcement agencies beyond personal liability to enable the prosecution of commercial organisations for failing to prevent a bribe.
15 Dec 2011
UK Bribery Act Is Your House In Order?
When the UK Bribery Act comes into force in April 2011, the UK will have one of the most stringent anti-corruption regulatory regimes in the world. Companies, regardless of location or industry, need to act now to ensure their house is in order.
11 Oct 2010
UK Bribery Act - Know What’s Ahead
With the advent of the new UK Bribery Act and continued regulatory developments, anti-bribery and corruption compliance should now be a high priority for financial institutions.
23 Sep 2010
Compass 2010 Global Aerospace & Defense Sector Outlook
The first decade of the new millennium started on a high note for the global aerospace and defense (A&D) industry, with outstanding financial performance around the world — only to be followed by the dot-com bust, the tragedy of 9/11, the ensuing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the worst global economic downturn in nearly 80 years.
2 Mar 2010
Bribery And Corruption Risk - On Your Radar?
The number of enforcement actions, the number of jurisdictions within which enforcement actions have been brought, and the size and nature of fines and penalties have all increased significantly over the last few years.
24 Sep 2009
Changing The Payments Landscape - Increasing Transparency Through The New SWIFT Message Type For Cover Payments
Regulators around the globe are concerned that the usage of cover payments in their present form can expose banks to fraudulent or terrorist financing related activities.
6 Apr 2009
Not On My Watch: Providing Insight Into Fraud Prediction, Prevention And Response
Fraud directly affects your bottom line profit. With a generous profit margin of 5%, you would need to generate an additional £1m to recover losses from a mere £50,000 fraud.
26 Mar 2009
Clear All Year - Considering New Rules And Practice In Interim Reporting
For the last two years, the emphasis has been on providing more information in existing reports. Consequently, as Deloitte reported in October 2006, the average number of pages in a listed company’s annual report in 2006 was 85 compared to 71 in 2005. 2007 will see change in this trend. Instead of the rules simply calling for more information in existing reports, the cry will be more information and more reports.
14 May 2007
Fraud In The Airline Industry - How To Plug The Gaps
Almost 148 million people passed through British airports last year– many booked on e-tickets purchased online with credit cards. Whilst this growth in self-service electronic bookings is encouraged by the industry which is keen to move to more cost-efficient e-ticketing, it places greater demands on airlines to ensure their IT is up to the challenge; and that internal and external IT systems are sufficiently robust to keep ahead of fraudsters.
30 Apr 2007
Ripped Off: Identity Theft – A View from the Financial Services Industry
Identity fraud is increasing dramatically. And that is just the reported cases. APACS, the UK payments organisation, reports that the cost of online banking fraud more than doubled in the first six months of 2005 compared to the same period in 2004. Similarly, ‘card not present’ fraud via the internet, phone or mail order swelled by 29% in the same period. In fact, internet fraud is said to account for a quarter of all losses.
26 Apr 2006
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