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Not Every Written And Signed "Agreement" Is A Legally Enforceable "Contract"
On January 4, 2013, Thelma Sosa and Aron Froimovits signed a handwritten, one-page agreement in which Sosa agreed to sell to Froimovits or his assignee two separate properties in Brooklyn
United States
18 Oct 2019
Court Of Appeals #17
News reports have it that the Chief Judge has admonished the various Departments to constrain themselves in granting motions for leave to appeal to the Court of Appeals ...
United States
17 Jan 2019
Murder In Apartment 3P
A fight between two friends who were dating the same woman ended in the death of one of them, the police said yesterday.
United States
10 Dec 2018
Distracted Driving And Snapchat
In Maynard v. Snapchat, Inc., Case No. A18A0749 (decided June 5, 2018), the Georgia Court of Appeals addressed a tragic situation involving an automobile accident and the popular application Snapchat.
United States
6 Jun 2018
Increasing Trademark Scams Discussed At USPTO Forum
These solicitations are typically received by U.S. Mail from U.S. and European locations.
United States
15 Aug 2017
Recent Cyber Insurance Decision Rejects Claim For Computer Fraud
A federal judge in Michigan recently granted summary judgment to Travelers in American Tooling Center, Inc. v. Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America, Case No. 16-12108...
United States
9 Aug 2017
Of Horses, Bulls and Dog Bites
During the past several months our courts, at all levels, have issued a vast and unusual number of decisions relating to the "vicious propensities" of dogs; canine"...
United States
24 Nov 2016
Is "Aid-In-Dying"/Assisted Suicide Legal In New York?
The First Department was called upon to decide whether or not the relevant provisions of the Penal Law are applicable to "assisted suicide" also called "aid-in-dying".
United States
7 Jun 2016
Workplace Violations Become Environmental Crimes
While the penalties under worker safety and employer liability statutes are often in the misdemeanor category, environmental crimes are often in the felony category and can carry prison terms.
United States
20 Jan 2016
Court Of Appeals #8
Did a mortgage service provider have standing to commence a foreclosure proceeding, as assignee, of a mortgage secured by a note?
United States
7 Aug 2015
Battle On The Bench
Our legal system operates on the expectation that there is a rule of law that stands as a clear and unambiguous guidepost for retrospectively judging the conduct of our personal and business affairs.
United States
5 Aug 2015
The Georgia Supreme Court Reaffirms The Effectiveness Of Merger And Disclaimer Clauses In Contracts
Mamilove and its officers had sued Legacy Academy for rescission of a franchise agreement and for damages relating to the purchase of a franchise.
United States
23 Apr 2015
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