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A new Relationship Property Act - what should you expect?
Relationship property law could be replaced, now that the Law Commission report has recommended significant changes.
New Zealand
26 Jul 2019
The importance of wills and enduring powers of attorney (EPAs)
Having enduring powers of attorney and a well-drafted will in place is important for every adult, whatever their age.
New Zealand
22 Jun 2019
Under what circumstances should you form a trust?
Some of the common purposes of a trust, and the structures which can be utilised, will be discussed in this article.
New Zealand
22 Jun 2019
You have been appointed an attorney – now what?
If you have been appointed an attorney by a family member or friend, this article will provide you with some guidance.
New Zealand
14 Feb 2019
Review of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 - for a just division of family property
This Issues Paper provides recommendations intended to ensure a just division of property at the end of relationships.
New Zealand
26 Nov 2018
Claims on death by estranged children
Recent case highlights the obligation to recognise children and outlines the effects of estrangement on any entitlement.
New Zealand
17 Oct 2018
Domestic Violence - Victims Protection Act
From 1 April 2019, this Act will give employees who are affected by domestic violence new entitlements, leave and rights.
New Zealand
30 Aug 2018
Do not lose control of your overseas assets
Many people often don't know how complicated inheritance laws can be, to deal with these overseas assets after you die.
New Zealand
17 Jul 2018
A promise is a promise - Testamentary promises
A testamentary promise is when a person agrees to make provision for another in their will as reward for services or work.
New Zealand
17 Jul 2018
Your foreign assets could go AWOL
Immoveable assets, such as land or anything affixed to land, is governed by the law of the land where it is situated.
New Zealand
14 Jul 2018
Helping millennials into their first home
Any advancing or borrowing money inter-family (usually for property) should be formally discussed with a lawyer.
New Zealand
13 Jul 2018
Surrogacy – who gets what?
Perhaps some sort of allowance should be made for surrogate birth mothers when recovering from the act of giving birth.
New Zealand
23 Jun 2018
Trusts, gifting & residential care subsidies
Seek advice about the implications before gifting assets to trusts or family members.
New Zealand
13 Jun 2018
Family Protection Act: (un)enforceable contracting out provisions
A contractual clause that attempts to prevent one party from exercising rights under the FPA is void and unenforceable.
New Zealand
31 May 2018
Executors duty to advise family members of a persons death
Executors are generally not obliged to notify family members of the death of the deceased but ought to seek legal advice.
New Zealand
14 Feb 2018
Lending money to a family member? Make sure you record it!
The 'presumption of advancement' means loans to family members are treated as gifts unless there is contrary evidence.
New Zealand
7 Feb 2018
Do I need a Will?
We recommend that everyone has a Will.
New Zealand
6 Feb 2018
KiwiSaver – I thought it was mine?
A recent survey found that just 25 per cent knew that the funds in KiwiSaver could be split between a separating couple.
New Zealand
27 Jan 2018
Creditors vs Property (Relationships) Act claims – who should win?
Law Commission is asking whether reform is needed to achieve a fairer balance between the rights of creditors vs partners.
New Zealand
13 Dec 2017
Trusts bill progressing in Parliament - a new disclosure regime
The bill will clarify and modernise the law, and place obligations on trustees to disclose information to beneficiaries.
New Zealand
7 Dec 2017
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