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Having A Claim For Loss Of Support No Longer Means Having To Say "I Do"
On 23 November 2018, Judge Collis of the Gauteng Provincial Division showed again, how progressive the South African judicial system can be.
South Africa
3 Jan 2019
Paternity Leave A Step Closer To Becoming Law
In this article, ENSafrica looks at a dramatic legislative shift which could soon see the following fundamental changes to South Africa's employment law...
South Africa
1 Feb 2017
The New Approach To Maternity Leave
2017 looks set to bring about unprecedented change in South Africa when it comes to leave relating to the birth or adoption of a child.
South Africa
31 Jan 2017
Children Travelling To South Africa
Since 1 June 2015, parents travelling to South Africa with a child under the age of 18 must, in addition to producing a valid passport and (where required) a valid visa for the child, also produce a full, unabridged birth certificate as proof of parenthood.
South Africa
30 Jun 2015
Handwritten Wills – It Comes With A Price!
Have you ever wondered whether a simple hand written (last minute) will may not do the thing instead of all the legal jargon and formalities?
South Africa
14 Jan 2014
Renunciation Of An Inheritance – SARS Clarifies Tax Consequences
A person nominated to receive an inheritance, whether in a will or by virtue of the laws of intestate succession, may choose to either adiate or repudiate that inheritance.
South Africa
20 Nov 2013
The Importance Of Drafting Wills
There are still many South African citizens who have not planned for the devolving of their estate, or the future interests of their remaining loved ones once they are deceased.
South Africa
19 Nov 2013
The Restrictions On A Testator’s Freedom Of Testation
It is necessary to make a distinction between two scenarios in South Africa i.e. where the deceased died with a valid will (testate) and where the deceased died without a valid will (intestate).
South Africa
21 Oct 2013
The Effect Of The Draft Recognition Of Customary Marriages Amendment Bill, 2009 On The Recognition Of Customary Marriages Act 120 Of 1998
The Recognition of Customary Marriages Act 120 of 1998 ("The Recognition Act") came into force on 15 November 2000.
South Africa
1 Feb 2012
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