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BVI Companies – A Flexible Vehicle For Succession Planning
The issue of succession may not be a primary consideration when incorporating a company in the BVI or indeed in any jurisdiction.
British Virgin Islands
5 Jul 2019
BVI Probate Process
The conflict of laws rules of some jurisdictions do not always determine clearly the situs of intangible moveable property, such as shares in a company
British Virgin Islands
27 Jun 2019
Shareholders Of BVI Companies Need To Make A BVI Will Advises Estates Expert
Shareholders in BVI companies risk making the probate and estates process more lengthy, divisive and costly when they die by not making a formal BVI will, says estates expert Fraser Allister.
British Virgin Islands
5 Jun 2019
BVI Probate In Practice
In 2017, BVI entirely revoked its old probate rules.
British Virgin Islands
28 May 2019
Out With The Old – BVI Probate Rules
Shares in a British Virgin islands (BVI) company, held personally or via a nominee arrangement, will be effectively frozen on the passing away of the individual shareholders.
British Virgin Islands
12 Sep 2018
New Probate Rules For BVI Company Owners
For shares in a BVI company held personally or via a nominee arrangement, such shares will be effectively frozen upon the passing away of individual shareholders.
British Virgin Islands
16 May 2018
Increase In BVI Probate Fees
The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (Court Proceedings Fees) (Virgin Islands) Rules, 2017 (the New Rules) impose new fees for non-contentious probate applications and replace the old fees ...
British Virgin Islands
13 Dec 2017
New Rules For Deceased Persons Holding BVI Shares Or Other BVI Assets
The BVI Government has passed new rules governing applications for Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration.
British Virgin Islands
19 Nov 2017
Advising The Family Business Through Economic Or Emotional Disruption
Grief, shock and the resulting shift in family and business dynamics could be a catalyst for economic and emotional disruption within a family business.
British Virgin Islands
28 Sep 2017
BVI Estate Planning
With the large number of BVI companies in existence and the general ageing population, succession issues surrounding ownership of shares in a BVI company have become quite prevalent.
British Virgin Islands
18 Jul 2017
Succession Planning For Your BVI Company Shares
Where the owner of a BVI company dies, his/her interest in shares in a BVI company cannot be validly transmitted to his/her heirs until the appropriate grant (of probate, letters of administration...
British Virgin Islands
7 Mar 2017
Privy Council Offers Guidance On The Treatment Of Non-Matrimonial Property In Divorce Proceedings
The Privy Council handed down a December 2016 judgment in a matrimonial appeal from the British Virgin Islands which challenged the lower courts' ruling on the division of property in divorce proceedings.
British Virgin Islands
22 Feb 2017
Private Client International Comparative Legal Guide 2017: BVI
In your jurisdiction, what pre-entrpy estate and gift tax planning can be undertaken? There are no estate or gift taxes in the British Virgin Islands.
British Virgin Islands
20 Jan 2017
Inheritance Tax Changes for BVI Companies Holding UK Residential Property
Owners of British Virgin Islands ("BVI") companies that hold UK residential property (together with other interested parties such as settlors of trusts) will have been following closely the changes made over the last three years to the taxation of UK residential property held by companies.
31 Aug 2016
Give Your Family A Lasting Act Of Kindness—Prepare Your Estate Plan Now
Creating a Last Will and Testament if you reside in the BVI is both good for you and your loved ones
British Virgin Islands
17 May 2016
Asian Clients Using BVI Vista Structures To Tailor Benefits To Children
In an article first published by Citywealth, Ogier Marcus Leese says that UHNW Chinese and Southeast Asian families are taking business transfer issues more seriously as the stakes are higher...
British Virgin Islands
17 Feb 2016
Are You Covered For Succession Planning?
Share Succession Trusts, or SSTs, can hold the secret to protecting your wealth or business when you're gone. Our BVI expert explains.
British Virgin Islands
12 Nov 2015
Legitimate Concerns: BVI Status Of Children Act, 2014
The majority of offshore jurisdictions have long provided for equality in the legal rights and status of legitimate and 'illegitimate' children where trusts, estates and wills are concerned.
British Virgin Islands
19 Oct 2015
Succession To BVI Shares - The Sun Is Shining
John F Kennedy was fond of saying that the "best time to mend a roof is when the sun is shining". This is good advice to follow in most parts of your life. Why put off until tomorrow things that you can do today.
British Virgin Islands
13 Aug 2015
Guide To Probating Wills In The British Virgin Islands
This application is usually made by the executor named in the will. If some other person is making the application, he must clear off executor.
British Virgin Islands
1 Jun 2015
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