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Puerto Rico Case Highlights Need For Secured Parties To Adhere To Good Practices In Documenting Secured Transactions
Manufacturers encounter financing statements in many contexts – as a borrower, as a supplier of goods sold on credit ...
Puerto Rico
8 Apr 2019
First Circuit Provides Clarity To Puerto Rico Creditors Seeking Relief
The First Circuit's recent opinion on the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act outlines initial guidelines for possible future actions against the Puerto Rican government...
Puerto Rico
7 Mar 2017
Puerto Rico Financial Oversight Law Enacted
Stephen Selbst authored an article for Bloomberg BNA's Bankruptcy Law Reporter regarding recently enacted legislation to address Puerto Rico's municipal debt crisis.
Puerto Rico
22 Aug 2016
PROMESA—Energy In Puerto Rico Amidst The Debt Crisis
Renewable energy industry participants are hungrily eyeing the tiny U.S. commonwealth of Puerto Rico, trying to determine whether the island's debt crisis-driven troubles – which recently put a halt on development...
Puerto Rico
30 Jun 2016
Puerto Rico's Restructuring Outlook Remains Hazy
A request for unanimous consent made on Wednesday, December 9th in the Senate to a bill that would allow Puerto Rico to declare bankruptcy was unsuccessful.
Puerto Rico
16 Dec 2015
Update On Puerto Rico
By order dated December 4, 2015, the US Supreme Court has agreed to consider the appeal by the Commonwealth and the Government Development Bank...
Puerto Rico
10 Dec 2015
Puerto Rico's ‘Death Spiral' Can Be Traced Back To One Mistake
Puerto Rico is $72 billion in debt due primarily to bad tax policy. The island is also unable to file for bankruptcy because its government was not given the right to allow its entities to go through Chapter 9 when the federal bankruptcy act was written.
Puerto Rico
10 Aug 2015
Puerto Rico's Public Corporation Debt Restructuring Law Ruled Unconstitutional
The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico's efforts to deal with more than $70 billion in debt have been a magnet for media scrutiny during the last two years.
Puerto Rico
31 Mar 2015
Puerto Rico’s Recovery Act Ruled Preempted: What Now?
At the end of "The Candidate", Robert Redford’s title character, having won, famously asks, "What do we do now?"
Puerto Rico
10 Feb 2015
PREPA Bondholders Seek Summary Judgment Invalidating Puerto Rico’s Public Corporation Bankruptcy Legislation
Franklin Funds and Oppenheimer Rochester Funds filed a second amended complaint challenging the constitutionality and validity of Puerto Rico's so-called Recovery Act.
Puerto Rico
13 Aug 2014
Summary of Puerto Rico Public Corporation Debt Enforcement & Recovery Act
On June 28, 2014, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico adopted the Puerto Rico Corporations Debt Enforcement & Recovery Act, Act 71-2014.
Puerto Rico
21 Jul 2014
Puerto Rico Bonds: Legislation And Litigation
For municipal bond investors and insurers, recent events in Puerto Rico have become a major concern.
Puerto Rico
15 Jul 2014
Recent Legislative Developments In Puerto Rico
Mintz Levin’s Bankruptcy and Public Finance practices have been covering the recent legislative developments in Puerto Rico.
Puerto Rico
14 Jul 2014
Puerto Rico Poised To Enact Bankruptcy-Like Legislation For Certain Revenue Bond Issuers
Puerto Rico's Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla introduced debt restructuring legislation which, upon enactment, would provide a judicial debt relief process.
Puerto Rico
26 Jun 2014
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