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Jersey Property Security And Costs – Good News For Lenders
Something of a chill wind blew through the local lending community earlier this year when the Royal Court handed down its judgment in the case of Dégrèvement of the Immovable Property of Mrs Powell.
19 Aug 2019
QuadrigaCX – Blockchain And Bankruptcy
Quadriga filed for court protection from its creditors on 31 January 2019, following the unexpected death of its CEO and founder Gerald Cotten, on 9 December 2018.
Cayman Islands
30 May 2019
An Important ‘Contribution' To The Isle Of Man's Developing Insolvency Law
The Isle of Man High Court has issued a landmark decision confirming for the first time in a reported judgment the considerations that the Isle of Man Court will adopt
Isle of Man
28 Feb 2019
In The Courts: Insolvency & Restructuring
Many offshore jurisdictions have dug into the foundations of proposed winding-up petitions to determine if a winding-up is indeed appropriate.
7 Feb 2019
In The Courts In 2018: An Appleby Review Of Offshore Court Decisions
Welcome to the latest issue of Appleby's annual "In The Courts" publication, a round-up of the most interesting decisions handed down by the courts of our offshore jurisdictions in 2018.
Cayman Islands
7 Feb 2019
Modernising Guernsey's Corporate Insolvency Law
The States of Guernsey have published draft legislation (the Draft Legislation) which recommends amendments to the current corporate insolvency legal regime contained within the Companies (Guernsey)
9 Jan 2019
Haro, Guts, Girdles And Hatts – Some Peculiarities Of Guernsey Law
The Bailiwick of Guernsey was originally part of the Duchy of Normandy but in 1204 when English troops were driven from Normandy, the islands remained the possession of the English Crown.
13 Nov 2018
Reflections On The INSOL Europe Annual Congress
Claire Corkish from Appleby's Isle of Man Dispute Resolution team attended the INSOL Europe Annual Congress in Athens this October.
Isle of Man
25 Oct 2018
The Need For Insolvency Fail-Safe In Cayman
Directors of Cayman companies owe fiduciary duties to the company to act in the interests of the company as a whole.
Cayman Islands
30 Aug 2018
Reflections On R3
Anthony Williams, Mark Holligon and Gemma Whale from our Crown Dependencies Insolvency and Restructuring team attended last week's R3 Annual Conference in Portugal.
1 Jun 2018
Getting Restructuring Recognised In Jersey
This year has already seen a number of major high street casualties in the sectors of retail and casual dining, with reports that the number of UK based restaurants "going under" increased by...
22 Mar 2018
Redemption Clawback Claims Get Green Light From Privy Council
Claims by funds against investors who have successfully redeemed have hitherto enjoyed limited success in the Cayman Islands.
Cayman Islands
30 Nov 2017
BVI Judgment: Limitations On The Court's Supervisory Jurisdiction Over Its Officers
On 20th November 2017 the Court of Appeal handed down its judgment in the latest round of litigation arising out of the fallout of Bernard Madoff's multi-billion-dollar ponzi scheme.
British Virgin Islands
29 Nov 2017
Insolvency - The Property Issues
Recent insolvencies of high profile retailers have served as a reminder that tenants of business premises can fail, with potentially serious consequences for all those with a stake in the business...
8 Sep 2016
Participation By International Stakeholders In Cayman Islands Insolvencies
Companies incorporated in the Cayman Islands usually conduct operations and hold assets elsewhere than in the Cayman Islands and Cayman Islands corporate insolvencies therefore commonly have a significant international dimension.
Cayman Islands
9 Jun 2016
Insolvency Petitions Down In Most Offshore Jurisdictions In 2015
In total, across the six offshore jurisdictions analysed, there were 211 winding-up petitions filed during 2015, and 113 orders were made as a result.
23 May 2016
In The Matter Of The SPhinX Group Of Companies
The impact of arbitration clauses on corporate insolvency litigation is still being worked out in the offshore world.
Cayman Islands
14 Apr 2016
Guide To Corporate Administration Orders In Guernsey
A number of recent cases, which have come before the Royal Court, demonstrate the flexible and pragmatic nature of the regime.
21 Mar 2016
Reform Of Guernsey's Corporate Insolvency Laws
As has been widely reported, the Commerce and Employment Department undertook a review of Guernsey's insolvency laws, both personal and corporate, with significant input from key stakeholders.
23 Feb 2016
Re PAC Limited (In Official Liquidation): How To Empower Cayman Liquidation Committees
It is sometimes assumed that the liquidation committee of an insolvent Cayman company can do little when it disagrees with decisions by liquidators.
Cayman Islands
4 Jan 2016
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