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3 things you need to know about the Privacy Bill before it becomes law
Every business that collects personal information should examine the new privacy legislation before it comes into force.
New Zealand
10 Jul 2019
Privacy Bill 2018 – new privacy requirements – is your company compliant?
Article provides key questions for companies to address in their Privacy Policies in order to comply with new laws.
New Zealand
24 Apr 2019
Playing a short game on the Privacy Bill
The Select Committee has recommended only modest changes to the Privacy Bill now, so further reform may be needed later.
New Zealand
20 Mar 2019
Privacy Bill progresses through NZ Parliament
Having considered submissions on the Bill, the Justice Select Committee has recommended that the Privacy Bill be passed.
New Zealand
20 Mar 2019
Proposed NZ legislation changes in privacy and employment law
There are a number of proposed changes to NZ legislation, progressing in 2019, relating to privacy and employment law.
New Zealand
26 Dec 2018
Privacy law update: International GDPR enforcement and facial recognition software
The update includes international GDPR enforcement and Microsoft calls for the regulation of facial recognition software.
New Zealand
17 Dec 2018
Introduction to the Privacy Bill 2018 – mandatory reporting of privacy breaches
Privacy breaches must now be reported as soon as possible to the NZ Privacy Commissioner and to any affected individuals.
New Zealand
13 Dec 2018
Would you rather give up your password or pay $5000? A review of the Customs and Excise Act 2018
The Customs and Excise Act 2018 permits a customs officer to require you to provide access to your electronic device.
New Zealand
16 Nov 2018
Risks arising from the use of electronic mail (email)
Employers and employees need to be vigilant in a number of areas, to manage the risks arising from email communication.
New Zealand
9 Nov 2018
Five Eyes announce intentions for back door live access to secure communications
Article discusses the rights of governments to access securely held personal information of your customers.
New Zealand
5 Sep 2018
Protecting the right to a private home address for directors
Directors have the right to privacy over their home address within the proposed Director Identification Number regime.
New Zealand
13 Aug 2018
Recorded conversation may not be personal information in NZ
In NSW, whether a recorded conversation is personal information depends on what is said about the relevant individual.
New Zealand
9 Aug 2018
Recent data breaches highlight importance of new privacy legislation
The Government has introduced a new Privacy Bill to replace the existing act with one more suited to our digital world.
New Zealand
6 Jul 2018
Privacy law shake-up! What does the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mean for your company?
The GDPR imposes new obligations on any companies, big or small, which could handle personal data of EU citizens.
New Zealand
29 Jun 2018
The power of big data and privacy reforms
Article discusses privacy issues, scandals and reforms in NZ and elsewhere for example, Europe.
New Zealand
14 Jun 2018
No need to fear: getting your head around the GDPR
Article explains the new European General Data Protection Regulation, what it means for you and provides you with some tips.
New Zealand
29 May 2018
New privacy legislation for a digital world
The Government has introduced a new Bill to replace the existing Privacy Act with one more suited to our digital world.
New Zealand
19 May 2018
Reasons for dismissal are private – even if already widely known
The employer should not disclose the reasons for dismissal of an employee and should decline to comment if asked.
New Zealand
27 Mar 2018
Privacy Bill introduced
A new Privacy Bill introduces some small but notable changes to the privacy regulatory framework in New Zealand.
New Zealand
24 Mar 2018
Tougher privacy regime coming for New Zealand
The changes will align more closely with comparable regimes but do not go as far as the Privacy Commissioner would like.
New Zealand
22 Mar 2018
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